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Knowing “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” Saves and Makes You Money!

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here. When you run your business, can you imagine not knowing the Who, What, When and Where – let alone the Why – of the product or service you’re selling? Sounds ridiculous, right?

Well, a lot of business people approach their marketing that way, even though they spend a large amount of time, money and effort on it. Without tracking that marketing, they don’t who they’re reaching, what they’re accomplishing, when and where to do their marketing or why it works or doesn’t work. That’s not a great way to approach…well, anything really.

Answering key questions about your marketing could be a real money-saver – as well as a money-maker – for your company. Using effective tracking and lead-capture ROI systems will help you lower your marketing costs by eliminating unnecessary ads and placements, as well as help you maximize conversions and revenues from your campaigns.

Tracking your marketing can tell you:

· WHO…

…is responding to your marketing? You can find out with a combination tracking/lead capture toll-free hotline that automatically builds your business an incredible marketing database of already-interested prospects.


…campaigns, copy and visuals are most effective at bringing in customers? Least effective? Tracking tells you – so you can hone in on the products, services and advertising approaches that generate the most cash.


…is the best place to advertise your particular product or service? Radio? Street benches? Direct mail? Or Google AdWords? You’ll find out instantly when you begin tracking your marketing – because you’ll know exactly where those prospects are coming to you from, without having to rely on their hit-or-miss memory.


…is your marketing most effective? Is there a time of year when your product or service is most appealing and you should market more heavily? Is there another time of year when it’s not even worth any marketing money or effort? Again, tracking provides hard answers.

· WHY…

…has your marketing not been as effective as it should be? Why do you often feel like you’re throwing money out the window when you spend it on marketing, because the results just aren’t there? You can measure your marketing ROI just like you can measure anything – and ROI tracking systems will do the trick every time. They help ensure your advertising makes as much impact as possible and reaches as many potential customers as possible.

By properly using tracking and lead capture systems, you can easily increase your marketing and advertising ROI. Studies show they boost your marketing results dramatically – because when you finally know the answers to all 5 of those big W’s, you avoid mistakes and make the smartest, most informed moves that you can.

Find out more about how to affordably track and improve your marketing and advertising ROI at www.YourROIGuy.com.


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