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Personality Can Make You Money – Or Cost You Plenty!

Hi, Richard Seppala, the ROI Guy, here to talk about how, in business as in everyday life, people can be your biggest asset – or your biggest liability.

Let’s say you dropped a few grand on some new advertising, with your new toll-free number prominently displayed. Now, you’re excitedly waiting to see just what your ROI (Return On Investment) will be. You’ve got a receptionist taking sales calls and, when you’re in between appointments and phone calls, you check in with them to see how many new customers you have.

The answer comes back – “Zero.”

That’s the number you definitely don’t want to hear when it comes to ROI. But it’s a number that’s very possible, especially when you have someone answering your phones who’s not trained to do it properly.

For example, that receptionist might not be asking for people’s contact information when they call. Or they may be scribbling that all-important info on a Post-It note that gets lost in the shuffle. They may not be properly selling your services or engaging callers on a personal level, just matter-of-factly giving rates or other information without any follow-up questions.

On the other hand, you just might have something of an alchemist answering your phones – someone who can turn a nothing phone call into sales gold without even trying. They strike up conversations with prospects who call, and immediately find connections between what they need and what your business provides. That’s what you call a natural.

More probably, you have someone in between. If they’re in the mood and they “bond” with the caller, they can make the sale and improve on your bottom line. If they’re not in the mood, or they’re busy with other tasks, they’re very abrupt, to the point and not as helpful as they need to be.

As a business person, you want a consistant presence on those phones – and consistent results. That’s what an ROI call tracking system can provide. It’s usually not a matter of replacing the person taking the sales calls – it’s a matter of training them in how to take those calls. If they haven’t had any sales training, they may have literally NO idea they’re not doing it correctly. It’s just answering the phone, right?

Wrong. It’s really a sales position – one of the most important sales positions in your company. It’s when you have your best shot at your best potential customers – the ones calling you because they’re interested in buying your product or service.

An ROI phone tracking system means you can review the phone calls and see where you’re obviously losing customers. The results are always dramatic – it’s easily the most affordable way to recover lost revenue and markedly improve your marketing ROI

The Human Factor is always an unpredictable one. But you can minimize your risk and increase your marketing and advertising ROI through systems that both record how calls are handled and also automatically collect valuable contact information from the caller.

Find out more about my services that can do that and more at www.yourroiguy.com.


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