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Why Click-Counting Alone Doesn’t Cut It

With the advent of online advertising, everyone thought it was a cinch to measure a marketing campaign’s ROI (Return On Investment).Well, to more specific, they didn’t think it was a cinch – they thought it was a click.

Every time a consumer clicked on an internet banner or text ad, that ad got complete credit for the conversion.If the ad generated enough clicks, then that was a successful ROI, right?

Well, I hate to be wishy-washy, but yes and no.

First of all, with the explosion of affiliate networks and marketing, click fraud has become rampant.You can’t be entirely sure real people are actually involved, unless an online sale is made – then at least there’s someone paying real money!

Second of all, you still can’t beat the personal touch when it comes to sales conversions and lead generation.Studies show that conversions are five to ten times higher when you actually engage people on the phone. Even though most people research products and services online, studies show that 60 to 90% of them still buy offline.

That means the phone needs be a vital part of your marketing efforts, especially if you’re not a brick-and-mortar operation.With the right training, whoever takes consumer calls at your company can make a big difference, not just in converting them to cash-paying customers, but also in collecting more detailed, solid marketing information from them for your records.

And it’s still easy to measure the ROI of individual advertising campaigns and marketing materials that prompt a prospect to call for more information.By putting specific keywords in online (and offline, for that matter) ads – and even using different phone numbers linked to the specific advertising media you’re using – you can track which ad made the difference in getting someone to pick up the phone and call.

It’s hard to have an effective “conversation” with a potential customer through banner or text advertising – or through your landing page or website copy.People may have questions you may not have even considered in your copy – or they may just need to be reassured by talking to a genuine person.The phone call, brief as it may be, builds a relationship through personal interaction – and results in more quality data as well.

Encouraging phone calls in your advertising and marketing – and knowing how to handle those calls when they come in – really helps you nail down the elusive art of ROI measurement.You can’t beat the personal touch when it comes to both market research and sales conversions.

For more about ROI and how to maximize it, visit my site at YourROIGuy.com.Until next time, I’m Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy.


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