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The “ROI Bridge”

Hi, Richard Seppala “The ROI Guy,” here with another great new marketing breakthrough available NOW from my Total Census Solutions!

But first, let me ask a quick question – can you afford to lose a sale – or a potential new long-term customer – in these tight times?

That was pretty easy to answer, I’m willing to bet – with a great big fat, “NO!” But how much money is slipping through the fingers of businesses all across the country, just because they’re not put into the sales funnel in a correct or timely way? Marketing info that’s directly coming into them?

That’s why I created “The ROI Bridge,” a CRM integration system that’s designed to work automatically with our Lead Generation Hotlines. Those Hotlines already capture the name, phone number and email address of each generated lead, and also identify which of your ad campaigns generated the lead.

Now, with “The ROI Bridge,” all that contact information is transcribed and converted into a format that is sent directly into Infusionsoft so you can implement seamless follow-ups. With this system, your business captures sales call data in a format easily used for later campaigns, bringing a whole new level of automation to your marketing efforts. That saves you two very valuable things – time and money.

This is how it works. TCS provides you with one of our Lead Generation Hotline numbers. You advertise that people interested in your product or service can call that toll-free number to request a free information packet – and they won’t even have to talk to a salesperson to get the freebie.

We then provide you with a custom pre-recorded message that will ask for the caller’s phone number, name, address and email.

What “The ROI Bridge” then does is capture all the contact info from the call, transcribe it, and upload it into an Excel sheet (and, as noted earlier, we also flag the ad source that generated the call to measure its effectiveness at the same time). That Excel sheet is then put into the proper follow-up sequence into Infusionsoft, the premiere automated marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses.

In other words, you no longer have to rely on your receptionist to get all the data you need. Generated leads will call to receive the free packet and leave all their marketing data behind to get it. That data gets automatically entered into a system that you can easily use for follow-up and future marketing campaigns.

The ROI Bridge enables you to do the kind of automated marketing that large corporations do – but at a small business price! Plus you get to measure the effectiveness of your advertising placements at the same time.

So if you’re looking for an amazing new ROI marketing tool, look no further than The ROI Bridge. For more info about how it can help bridge your revenue gaps, contact me at [email protected].


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