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The ROI Guy: Get The Real Picture Of Your Patient Procedure

Increase Your In-house ROI with “Mystery Video”

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – meaning it tells a story instantly. You see clearly what there is to see, without too much effort. If someone had to describe the picture to you, it would take at least a thousand words to really capture the image – and even then, you can be pretty sure you still wouldn’t be able to exactly know what that picture looked like.

So, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? At least a thousand pictures, I’d say. The amount of information a video can convey about people and events is extraordinary. The impact of that, again, can’t be duplicated by just someone describing what the video recorded.

For example, the NBA finals are going on as I write this. If you’re a basketball fan, imagine not being able to watch the game and just hear commentators on the radio tell you what’s going on. I don’t know about you, but that would drive me more than a little crazy – which makes me glad I wasn’t born before the invention of television!

If you’re a doctor or dentist, you may hear about a problem with how a patient was treated at your practice. But you may write it off as exaggeration or an isolated incident. The problem, again, is you can’t see what happened. So you can’t really know what the situation was. Or if it’s a situation that happens on too regular a basis.

Unless you use a Video Mystery Patient service.

A Video Mystery Patient will make an appointment at a practice and not disclose that he or she has been hired by the practice to check out how they handle their customers. When that person comes in for the appointment, they’ll have a secret mini-video camera on them, recording the entire patient experience without the staff or the doctor having any knowledge that they are being filmed. Everyone at the office can then, at a later date, review the tape to see just what’s wrong – and what’s right – with their treatment of patients.

Why is this important? Because the camera doesn’t lie – and it tells the story better than anyone’s individual perception. If the Video Mystery Patient was left to wait too long without being attended to, the video will show it. If the staff failed to suggest additional services that would have benefited both the patient and the practice, the video will show it. And if anyone was rude or abrupt with the patient…well, you guessed it, the video will show it.

A Video Mystery Patient is the ultimate reality check for any practice. Let a thousand pictures help you improve the operation of your practice – and increase your in-house ROI.

Find out more about my Video Mystery Patient service at http://yourroiguy.com/video-mystery-patient.


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