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Richard Seppala Uses Big Screen Strategy for his Biggest Product Launch

Richard Seppala, aka “The ROI Guy,” has made it his mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their marketing dollars with innovative and affordable hi-tech tracking tools. Now, on the eve of the launch of his most powerful system to date, “The ROI Matrix,” he’s taken his own marketing to a whole new level of creativity – with a big budget take-off of the 1999 Keanu Reeves epic, “The Matrix.”

Teaming up with Ryan Baker and Jason Ross of the Orlando media company TSM Studio, Seppala took the Hollywood approach to create a dazzling series of videos that showcases his new breakthrough tracking system, which, for the first time, calculates the exact ROI – Return on Investment – of every marketing campaign implemented by a business. This allows a client to focus on the marketing that makes the most money – and cut the wasteful campaigns that are an unnecessary expense.

Richard Seppala takes you into “The ROI Matrix”

“This was the most amazing system that I’ve ever been able to offer to businesses,” says Seppala. “And I was determined to find an awesome way to showcase this awesome new product.”

“It was exciting to go beyond the usual boring approach to a marketing video and make it fun,” Ross added. “Richard wanted this to be professional from start to finish. That meant having the videos scripted by a pro screenwriter, getting the right costumes and locations, taking the time to light it properly and putting in a ton of effects to replicate the look and feel of the original ‘Matrix’ movie. We even created all-original music for this project.”

Seppala not only expected a lot from TSM Studio – he expected a lot from himself. “I’ve never had a client put himself in make-up and costume and play a different character like Richard did for this project,” continues Ross. Not only that, since this was scripted, everyone had to remember their lines. We didn’t think Richard would actually memorize his – but, I’m happy to report, he did!”

The final videos form a three-part sequence in which Seppala plays himself, as well as the grey-haired and bearded ROI Matrix “Architect.” The videos, which can be seen at Seppala’s website, www.TheROIMatrix.com, as well as on his “ROI Guy” Facebook page, effectively showcases Seppala’s new system – and adds just the right dose of humor along the way.

“It’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever done,” concludes Ross, “and we’re already starting to plan the follow-up video!”

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” is a nationally-known ROI expert, best-selling author and host of “ROI TV.” Find out more about him and his new breakthrough marketing tracking system, The ROI Matrix, at www.TheROIMatrix.com .


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