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The ROI Guy: Missed Calls = Missed Opportunities

Improve your Marketing ROI by Answering Every Call and Capturing Every Lead!

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here. How do you feel when you’ve decided to buy from a business – you give them a call to talk about your order – and the phone just rings and rings and rings? And RINGS!

So you call back a little later…and finally, the receptionist answers and takes down your name and number. But you never hear back. Because the receptionist wrote down your contact info on the back of her hand and then washed it off after she had lunch.

So…you call again. When the business is closed, so you can leave a message. THAT should work, right? Oh, wait. The voicemail box is filled up.

Granted, you’ve hit the ultimate trifecta of bad phone call experiences – but still, any one of the above scenarios just might make you second-guess your decision to buy from that business, right? Especially if you know of a competitor that’s more than ready and willing to sell you the same basic product or service at a comparable price.

Now let’s talk about your business. If you’re like most small or medium-sized companies, your marketing budget is tight – and you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Well, if you’re not making sure the leads you generate with that expensive marketing and advertising are actually able to quickly and efficiently make contact with you, you might as well throw that marketing money out into the street (that’s one way to get some customers at your door – of course, they’ll just end up paying you with your own money!).

Something many business owners fail to understand is that the actual marketing and advertising is only the first important step in the sales process. And it means nothing if you haven’t created an effective system for the leads you generate through that advertising – that’s the only way you increase your marketing ROI to the max.

Setting up an all-in-one call tracking system that automatically (1) identifies which marketing generated the call, (2) captures the lead contact information, (3) answers the call with an automated message and a “Call to Action” (some sort of free information or discount) to motivate the person to buy means the rest of your sales process is completely taken care of. And that’s an incredible advantage for any busy office where incoming sales calls can often be mishandled, ignored or not returned.

No matter what your math expertise might be, you can understand this equation – missed calls equal missed opportunities. When a customer wants to buy, you want to make it as easy for them as possible. Automating your incoming sales call system as much as possible leaves no room for human error and ensures you don’t lose a penny of potential revenue.

My new ROI Matrix system does everything an all-in-one call tracking system should do – and more! For the first time, you can not only see which marketing generates the most leads, but you can also see which marketing attracted the most paying customers. Find out more about it at my website, http://yourroiguy.com.


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