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The ROI Guy: “Show Me The Money” – For Real!

Increase Your Marketing ROI – By Knowing the Numbers That Count!

Hi, Richard Seppala, the ROI Guy here. The object of all marketing tracking systems (including mine) is to answer the client’s eternal cry, “Show Me the Money!”

No, they don’t actually expect me to show them a wad of cash – at least I hope they don’t – but they do expect me to show them which of their marketing is making them the most money. That’s the point of tracking it, right?

In the past, the best we could do with the available technology was track the number of responses a marketing campaign would generate. While this was an important number to know, it still left clients in the dark as to how many of these leads were actually buying – and how much they were spending.

That left open the possibility that maybe an ad would generate 20 responses and be considered a success – while another ad would generate 3 responses and be judged not worth the cost and effort. Since that’s what the numbers suggested, that’s a reasonable conclusion, right?

Not necessarily. Suppose that first ad was for an incredible offer – a free examination at the dentist, for example. Now, suppose all 20 of those people came in to take advantage of the free exam – and didn’t really end up spending a whole lot if anything at all. When you add up the cost of the marketing ad and the cost of the hours put into the free office exams, vs. the miniscule dollars spent by those 20 leads, it could turn out that that ad was a huge money loser.

Now – take the second ad, the one that only generated 3 responses. Maybe that ad was for an expensive cosmetic dentistry procedure – and those 3 people ended up spending between two to four thousand apiece. Suddenly…that ad just became a big profit maker!

That’s why we spent so much time and money developing The ROI Matrix – an automated system that goes beyond raw response numbers to actually calculating how much money a marketing campaign generates, and compares that number to the cost of the marketing. This system requires minimal effort on the part of the business (answering a few basic questions prompted by automated emails) and, in return, delivers the kind of data that can instantly clarify which of the above two ads we talked about really was a success.

So now, when a client says, “Show Me the Money,” I can – for real! That means they finally have the essential numbers to determine the actual profitability of their marketing and advertising – allowing them to easily improve their marketing ROI.

Visit www.TheROIMatrix.com for more information on “The ROI Matrix” and how to make the most of your marketing. We’d love to “Show You the Money!”


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