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The ROI Guy: “The ROI Matrix” Magic

Improve your Marketing ROI by Knowing Who’s Calling You and Why!

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here.

I had a friend in high school who threw a party when his parents’ were out of town for a weekend. He made sure everybody knew about it, because, to him, a successful party was one where you had the most people.

Well, he couldn’t have had more people, that’s for sure. The place was overflowing with crashers he didn’t know, nobody wouldn’t leave until well into the second day, and they trashed the house and emptied his parents’ locked liquor cabinet. Needless to say, the lock became history.

Why am I telling you tales from high school? Not just to let you know that it was the best party I ever got to go to in 12th grade, but also to drive home the fact that numbers alone don’t always tell the tale of success.

That’s why, as “The ROI Guy,” I recently took my services to my clients to a whole new level – a level called “The ROI Matrix.”

Prior to The ROI Matrix, I was measuring the marketing ROI of a marketing campaign or placement mainly by the number of phone calls it generated. While this information was important and gave a basic guideline on what products and services provoked the most interest (as well as which marketing and advertising placements made the most impact), it still didn’t go deep enough.

Like my friend’s oversized party, the marketing and advertising a business puts out could be bringing in the wrong kind of people. The question becomes…how many of those calls you’re getting are the right kinds of calls? Are they genuine leads who are interested in buying from you…or are they:

  • · Sales calls from other businesses?
  • · Wrong numbers?
  • · Repeat callers?
  • · Talkers with no intention of buying?

The ROI Matrix breaks down who your callers are and tags them individually, so you can find out the information that really counts – how many callers are quality leads? The ROI Matrix continues to follow those quality leads to find out how much they ended up spending with you – meaning you can track down your marketing ROI to the penny.

Think about it. For the first time, you can run the cost of specific marketing against the actual revenue it generated. And that can lead to interesting surprises – such as a marketing campaign that may not have generated as high a number of overall responses, but a much better number of new paying customers.

Imagine if my high school friend had run his party guest list through The ROI Matrix. Maybe he wouldn’t have had to stay up all night trying to get all the beer smell out of the shag carpeting.

Find out more about how to affordably track and improve your marketing and advertising ROI at www.YourROIGuy.com.


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