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The ROI Guy: The Trick To Tracking Marketing

Use the Right Tools to Increase Your Marketing ROI

Hi, Richard Seppala, the ROI Guy here to talk about my specialty, tracking marketing. I can’t tell you how many expert marketers run into the same problem as my clients – is what they’re spending on their marketing and advertising actually making them any money?

Small to medium-sized businesses and medical practices don’t have the incredible resources that corporations do. They don’t have the budget to run marketing awareness research or the resources to do the kind of micro-planning the big companies do.

But they, like most businesses, realize that, in today’s crowded marketplace, marketing is essential to growing their profits. They just don’t know if what they’re doing is working – so they say to me, “Richard, show me the money!” Apparently most of them have recently watched Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire”…

That’s why, for smaller businesses, the best and most affordable option is tracking your marketing. By putting a different toll-free number on every advertising placement or campaign, you can instantly keep track of how many responses that placement or campaign is generating. My clients can access that information quickly and easily through their own online ROI Guy page, which automatically gathers that data.

Those toll-free numbers can also work online through the technology of Dynamic Tracking. That means that, whether a prospect clicks through on a Google Ad or a banner ad, the phone number will actually change on your home page to correspond to whatever internet ad placement you have out there.

Finally, with a system like my ROI Bridge, the generated calls are answered by an automated system that transcribes the calls and also automatically gathers the contact information of the caller. That information is uploaded into the marketing software of the business to be used for future marketing campaigns.

Now, you might say, “Well, Richard, you still haven’t shown me the money. I know how many people responded to the marketing in question – but I don’t know how many actually became a paying customer or how much money the ad actually generated.”

First of all, I’d like you all to please stop watching “Jerry Maguire.” You should know how it all comes out by now. Secondly, my forthcoming ROI Matrix system will address that very question. For the first time, we’ll be able to track exactly who is responding to which ads. Are they just people asking questions? Are they other businesses trying to sell you something? Or are they, in fact, warm leads that are easily converted into clients or customers?

Properly tracking your marketing can’t help but increase your marketing and advertising ROI. By knowing what works and what doesn’t, you focus on what makes your profits pop – and save money by eliminating all your spending on marketing that doesn’t do the job. And both things mean a boost to your bottom line.

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