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Richard Seppala’s New Webinar Shares Marketing Secrets for the First Time

It’s been years in the making – but Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” is finally revealing all the secrets behind his breakthrough marketing ROI system, The ROI Matrix.

Seppala, who formerly served in senior marketing roles at major corporations, gave up big business for small business a few years ago. At the time, his newborn son needed his attention and he no longer felt comfortable with the non-stop traveling he had to do for the company he worked for.

That’s when he had the brainstorm that led to his becoming “The ROI Guy.” Seppala had learned an incredible amount of inside corporate marketing secrets on the job; he realized he could easily translate those secrets and put them to work for medical and dental practices, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

With that mission in mind, he began to create and sell tracking systems that would enable any small business to automatically measure the response to any marketing campaign. By knowing how many leads a campaign generated, a business could judge which ones were successful and which ones weren’t worth the cost.

The problem, though, was that the number of responses didn’t tell the whole story. The real ROI number needed to reflect how much in sales each campaign generated, not how many people called as a result. For example, a campaign might only generate 4 leads – but if each of them bought high-priced services or products, the campaign still would be considered very lucrative. Conversely, another campaign might generate 400 leads – but if very few of those prospects actually bought, that particular marketing wouldn’t be worth the time and effort.

That’s why Seppala worked with a development team for years to perfect The ROI Matrix. Not only would this new hi-tech system be able to measure, to the penny, how much in sales each campaign generated, but it would also enable the business to automatically capture contact information for each lead as well as trigger valuable follow-up marketing, ensuring a prospect would never get lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day business operation.

Several of his clients (including his wife the dentist!) trialed the new system and discovered for themselves the amazing results that The ROI Matrix delivered. Suddenly, they could see exactly how well their marketing was doing through their own exclusive online portal, 24/7.

The ROI Matrix contains a whole lot of other money-saving and money-making features that make it easy for any entrepreneur or business to market consistently, aggressively and successfully. The challenge for Seppala, however, was to explain an innovative system that was incredibly effective and simple to use, but a completely new product.

Seppala teamed up with TSM Media to create a special Webinar that showcases The ROI Matrix, as well as the innovative marketing strategy behind it. For the first time, viewers can “Enter the Matrix” and discover the difference this exciting breakthrough can make to the bottom line of a business.

“The ROI Matrix” represents the culmination of everything I know about how to make marketing as profitable as possible,’ says Seppala. “I couldn’t be prouder of it – and I can’t wait to see my clients reap its rewards.”

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” is a nationally-known ROI expert, best-selling author and host of “ROI TV.” For more about him and his new Webinar about The ROI Matrix, visit www.TheROIMatrix.com .


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