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Paying Attention to New Prospects

Hi, Richard Seppala, the ROI Guy here. We’ve all been there – you go to a restaurant, sit down with your family or your date, and the place is packed. The service staff is swamped – they hurry past your table at 100 mph, trying their hardest to act like they don’t see you waving or even verbally asking for help.

Or you go to a bar, and the bartender is busy making drinks for everyone but you. Again, you don’t exist in their eyes. You don’t rate a pretzel or a bar napkin.

If there were Oscars for service staff performances, the “Best Ignoring of a New Customer” category would be overloaded with nominations!

While you’re walking out the door and thinking about where else to eat or drink, you know that on some level you can’t blame the waiters or waitresses too much. They’re obviously overwhelmed with the existing customers. At the same time, if they only acknowledged you were there and let you know you would be taken care of, you might still be in there, patiently waiting for service.

Small and medium-sized businesses, frankly, can’t help but have their own “Busy Bartender” scenarios on a regular basis. They run a tight ship and, most of the time, don’t have the necessary staffing to deal properly with new customer inquiries.

If you’re at one of those businesses where everyone is often too busy to deal with an incoming sales call, think back to those times when you couldn’t get anyone to wait on you. And remember how you were probably pretty upset that somebody you wanted to give your business to couldn’t even take the time to greet you.

Do you want potential new customers to be angry with you before you’ve even had a chance to sell them your product or service?

Of course you don’t. But sometimes you can’t help how busy you and your staff might be – and how little time you have to explain what you do or can provide.

That’s why automating that system can be a terrific solution and an amazing way to increase your marketing ROI. Instead of having new customer calls coming to your place of business, they can be relayed to an automatic responding system that (a) has a customized message responding to what advertising or marketing promotion they’re calling about (b) records the message and automatically transcribes it (c) provides a CTA (Call to Action) that offers to send free information if the caller leaves their contact info and (d) records and transcribes the contact info, and uploads it into customer service software that can be used for future marketing.

That’s a whole lot of vital marketing work getting done – without the business owner or staff having to lift a finger! More importantly, it looks after your new customer calls – and allows you to return the call on your own timetable.

Losing new clients and customers is a big problem for small and medium-sized businesses – it’s literally throwing money away. But automating marketing efforts is an amazingly affordable solution. It helps past marketing efforts pay off – and positions a business for the future.

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