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Video Mystery Shop: Put The “Video Boss” in Charge

Your Own “Reality Show” Could Send Your ROI Ratings Sky-High!

Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here, to talk about why you just might need to make someone else the boss – even if it’s at your own business!

Yes, not only am I advocating putting someone else in charge of your own business – I’m also saying that person should be someone you don’t even know. Hey, actually…it’s not even a person!

Because a Video Mystery Shop service makes everyone – including you – accountable to a video camera.

Okay, so nobody wants to have to listen to an electronic device, unless it’s playing the latest Lady GaGa tune. But, in this case, I would strongly advise it.

When you book a Video Mystery Shopper or Patient, someone will come to your office, they will have been hired to pose as a client, and they will secretly videotape their entire experience at your business with a hidden video camera. You and your staff will be able to review the entire tape after the visit.

And there won’t be room for excuses. There won’t be room for any justifications. If your business isn’t treating its customers in the best possible way, you’ll instantly see all the problems through the Video Mystery Shopper’s footage.

The staff of any business owner sees their own operation from inside a bubble. The day-in and the day-out running of a company often sees bad habits become ingrained – as well as opportunities wasted for both the retention of current customers, as well as the conversion of new prospects.

Unfortunately, the same people will make the same not-so-great decisions over and over, because that’s “just how we do it.” Even though it may not be the best way to do it. Too often, we’re all just focused on making it through the day without making any waves, instead of working on improving how things are done and, ultimately, improving your ROI.

That’s why the tape from a Video Mystery Shopper can be a shocking wake-up call. Maybe a customer’s left waiting for fifteen minutes without any attention paid to them. Maybe questions are ignored, sales openings are missed, follow-up appointments aren’t pursued, and maybe your staff comes off as just plain rude in some instances.

And all of it may be completely unintentional, because no one’s paying attention to the right things. That doesn’t make it any better – nor does it help your business.

So let a Video Mystery Shopper service boost the ROI of your business. Let the camera be the boss for an hour or so. Don’t worry. You can fire it later.

But only after you and your staff have learned everything it has to teach you.

Improve your marketing ROI from start to finish by using a Video Mystery Shop service to make sure you’re doing enough at your office to keep current customers and convert new ones. Find out more at www.YourROIGuy.com.


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