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Hi, Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here.

Hope you all have had a chance to check out my new article, “Measure Marketing ROI to Answer the 5 ‘W’s”. If you haven’t, I can sum it up by telling you that tracking your marketing and utilizing an automatic lead-capture system helps you answer the “Who” “What” “When” “Where” and “Why” of your marketing on an ongoing basis.

Without tracking your marketing, those questions usually remain mysteries. Expensive mysteries, to be more exact, because you’re spending marketing money without knowing what you’re getting back from it.

Now, there’s only one more question to answer after those “W’s” and that’s an “H” – How does ROI marketing tracking work?

Basically, I provide my clients with different toll-free numbers to use on different campaigns or marketing placements (I can even make this work with online campaigns with my Dynamic Tracking technology). When the prospect responds to a particular ad, they call the designated phone number – so instantly, my client knows what marketing caused them to respond and when they responded, through an online page I set up for them.

Those phone lines can either be forwarded to the actual phone line of the business or to a pre-recorded message that gives the prospect a “Call to Action” – generally either a free offer or discount – that’s linked to the particular ad the person is calling about. In other words, if the person is responding to a cosmetic dentistry ad, the message might offer a free consultation appointment – on the other hand, if they’re responding to a teeth whitening process from the same dental practice, they might be offered free information on how the process works.

For those clients that also use my “ROI Bridge” software, the prospects’ phone numbers are automatically captured for follow-up marketing, even if they decide not to leave any of their contact information. But if they do, that contact information is automatically transcribed and uploaded to the client’s CRM software and added to their database.

That’s “How” it works. And it’s also “How” a small or medium-sized business can affordably create a seamless automatic start-to-finish marketing system that brings dramatically better marketing responses, more conversions and more cash sales.

Now…”How” can I help you improve your marketing ROI and your business revenues? Just contact me at [email protected]

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