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Hi, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here.  In my new article, “Incoming Sales Calls:  How’s Your ROI?,” I talk about how a lot of businesses completely drop the ball – and the sale – when already-interested prospects call for information. 

Many business people sweat over their marketing content, worry about where to put their advertising dollars and work to improve their sales message – and completely forget to have an effective system in place to handle phone calls from their marketing efforts.   Not only that, they’re not even measuring the ROI from their different marketing campaigns – so they have no idea what’s working and what’s not.

Unfortunately, all businesses lose a whole lot more from not taking those extra steps than it would cost to take them.  I’ve developed many affordable systems designed specifically for medium and small businesses to help them significantly increase their revenues – just by catching these “dropped sales” and measuring marketing ROI simultaneously.

My latest service is an incredible all-in-one solution.  “The Bridge” automatically responds to and records sales calls, collects contact data, uploads it into marketing software and also measures the ROI of your various advertising campaigns, by tracking the specific phone number from the specific marketing piece they’ve seen.  

We also offer the service of recording phone calls personally answered by your staff and working with them to improve the effectiveness of their response to generated leads.  An incoming prospect call needs a person trained in sales techniques to properly handle it – not the nightmare receptionist scenario I outlined in the article mentioned at the top of the blog.

Basically, I look at something like “The Bridge” as finishing the job when it comes to your marketing and advertising.  You have to think of your campaigns as like inviting someone to a party.  The invitation might be incredible – but if people show up and there’s not much of a party, they’re not going to be happy.  It’s not enough to get people to call through your marketing – you have to make sure you connect effectively when they do!

Check out everything we can do to improve your bottom line at www.yourROIguy.com .  Oh, and before I forget, did you know I was now one of “America’s Premier Experts?”  Yep, I’m coming up in the world – you can hear my interview on “The Next Big Thing” national radio show at http://www.americaspremierexperts.com/the-next-big-thing. 

Until next time, I’m Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy – hoping your ROI is all good!

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