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Hi, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy™ here.  I just wrote about a new study in my article, “Increase Your ROI with The Magic ‘Touch”, that proved people were more likely to pay more for a product if they touched it. 

It’s one of those mental tricks people play on themselves.  In this case, the products used for the testing were a coffee mug and a toy Slinky.  Let’s be honest – who doesn’t know what either of those two things feel like?  But somehow, when you put your fingers on it, your mind suddenly thinks it’s worth more. 

We all know there are various marketing tricks that defy logic – and that an effective emotional approach always makes for the strongest sale and ROI.  That’s why someone handling your sales calls who just gives out information in a nonchalant I’m-filing-my-nails-as-I-say-this tone doesn’t make the necessary connection.  That takes some charm, some genuine interest in the caller and their situation, and some enthusiasm for the product or service that’s been sold. 

In other words, emotion.

Yes, I’m big on objective measurement systems and hard data when it comes to ROI, but I’m also big on doing what’s necessary with marketing content to improve ROI.  And that involves tapping into your potential customers’ feelings to make them feel good about your product or service – to make them mentally “touch” it.

If you still think most people have too many smarts to let their emotions rule their common sense, let me tell you about another study recently done by the same journal that did the “touch” study.

In that study, college students were given one of two menus.   One menu gave a choice of chicken nuggets, a baked potato or french fries – the second menu had all three of those items, plus a salad.

In both cases, all the students flagged the fries as the least healthy food item of the group.  But when the salad was offered as an alternative – three times as many students picked the fries than when the salad wasn’t offered.

In other words, when they were given a more healthy choice, they went three times as much for the unhealthiest item!

Even the researchers can’t explain that one, so I won’t try – except to say it’s probably good news for McDonalds and Burger King!

Until next time, I’m Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy – and another guy who should probably pick the salad option more often!

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