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Hi, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here.  In my new article, “Word of Mouth Brings the Best ROI of All,” I wrote about how what could have been just another fast food burger joint turned themselves into a Southern California icon – mostly by building buzz created by their satisfied customers.  “In-N-Out Burger” ended up becoming a cult that was spread by its devoted patrons and spontaneously endorsed by celebrities who enjoyed the food.  It was WOM at its best – because most of it wasn’t even engineered by the franchise itself!  

So what makes WOM marketing so powerful – to the point where it delivers almost a foolproof ROI?  Well, take a look at the graph below: 

Just by taking a quick glance at it, it’s easy to see that the best way to improve your marketing ROI is by a credible recommendation by either someone your prospect respects or actually has a personal relationship with. 

That’s why I am now offering the “I Refer” service – an inexpensive way to use your already-satisfied customers to get you new ones.  Your existing customers get rewarded – and so do new ones who decide to try your product or service.  It’s powerful and it works.

Why?  A real recommendation from a real person means more to the average consumer than anything else.  We’re bombarded with commercials every day from companies claiming they have the best this or the greatest that.  And we’re almost immune to that kind of market-speak.  To quote a former “In-N-Out Burger” executive, “If you have to tell somebody you’re something, you’re probably not.” 

It’s much better if someone else delivers the message – someone who’s not a part of your business.  That’s why testimonials are so important.  “I Refer” takes the power of a testimonial several steps further, however – because it’s someone the person talking up your business actually knows.

Remember one important thing about WOM marketing, though – you have to deliver a quality product and great customer service for it to work at its best.  That’s how you get credible references and increase your overall profile – and that’s what really drives WOM and your ROI.

Please check out my “I Refer” service at www.yourROIguy.com to see how WOM can do the job for you.  Until next time, I’m Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy – hoping your Word of Mouth is all good!

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