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Put The Calculator Away!

We’ve talked about the importance of knowing the ROI (return on investment) of your marketing and advertising campaigns. Without this knowledge, you’re essentially taking shots in the dark. You’re throwing money and time into campaigns that may or may not be profitable for you. Unfortunately, as most business owners know, calculating the ROI of your various marketing efforts is not a simple task. That reality left businesses with an unpleasant choice—continue marketing in the dark, without access to vital information… or spend hours with a calculator trying to make sense of the data. Well, now there is a third option—with my cutting edge tracking and measurement systems, we can get the work done for you.

When it comes to calculating the ROI of your marketing campaigns, our system is simply the best and most efficient out there. The process is remarkably simple, yet powerful. We start by providing you with separate toll-free numbers for each marketing campaign you’d like to track. We then track each call and collect vital information about each caller. This system allows us to provide you with critical statistics such as cost per lead and return on investment, as well as providing a side by side comparison of your various media campaigns. Now, did you hear “take out your calculator” in there anywhere? No? That’s because you can forget about the math. We do it for you—allowing you to know exactly how effective each and every dollar that you spend on marketing really is.

Trying to market your company without knowing your ROI is like trying to hit a three-point basket blindfolded. You may hit a shot every once in a blue moon, but you’re going to waste a whole lot of time and effort. But trying to calculate your ROI is a tedious and difficult chore—something most business owners don’t have the time to do. My system will enable you to remove the blindfold and see exactly what you’re getting for your money—without spending hours playing with formulas on Excel. If you’re running or planning a marketing campaign, you need my ROI tracking services. Put the calculator away, stop taking shots in the dark… and start making money!

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