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Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here.  I hope you’ve had a chance to check out my article, “HOW ROI CAN BE YOUR OWN “STIMULUS PACKAGE” where I talk about how your business might benefit from ROI Marketing Measurement just as much as from a government stimulus package.  You could be losing thousands of dollars if you’re not actively analyzing how effective your advertising and handling of sales calls is.

That got me thinking…what if the government had used ROI measurement on all the corporations and banks that got the first wave of big bailouts?  What if they actually saw what the Return on THAT investment had been?  Maybe that would have helped with the current fine-tuning of the second wave of bailout money.  ROI is all about accountability and responsibility – not to mention researching ways to use your budget to create a positive impact on the bottom line.

Let’s go back further.  What if the stockholders who got screwed when Wall Street crashed and burned had been able to use ROI measurement to see what the companies they were buying shares in were actually doing with their money?  I bet they wouldn’t have made those investments!

And turn back the clock a little more to a few years ago, when banks and lenders were giving out six and even seven-figure mortgages like they were candy.  They didn’t even really care about the ROI on those bad loans, because they were too busy reselling the toxic debt to resell to other financial institutions.  If they had bothered to follow up, they would have seen that they had virtually no chance of getting those mortgages repaid – since the people they were issuing them to couldn’t afford them in the first place.

Face it – our economy wouldn’t be going through what it is today if (a) honest accurate ROI measuring was employed on a regular basis and (b) adjustments were made based on researching it.  Yes, ROI could have saved the world!

Your business can stay safe, solvent and even become more profitable in hard times, just by applying ROI measurement to your advertising and marketing.  I’ve got the proven systems to make that happen for you.  Visit me at http://yourroiguy.com to find out how. 

In the meantime, let’s petition the Obama administration to add a Secretary of ROI to the cabinet!


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