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ROI Guy Blog: Bad Service Trumps Good Product

Hi, Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here.

At the Seppala household, it’s a little busy – maybe you heard, we have about 500 or so boys running around. So we order in some delivery food from time to time because Mom and Dad have to work a lot. Well, we found this great Italian place that delivered – their food was amazing. And when a guy named Seppala finds a great Italian place, he sticks with it!

But the third time, something happened. They lost the order…we called and we got the food about an hour late. Still delicious, though. So we gave them a pass on that screw-up.

A week or so later, same thing. No food at our door. We tried calling. No one was answered or we got voice mail. Finally, we got them on the phone, but the delivery didn’t make it to the house until 8:30. Not good when you’re hitting bath and bed time for the young’uns.

What was frustrating was that the food itself tasted the best it ever had. We just weren’t ever going to chance another delivery order from them.

You’re probably wondering what our dinner issues have to do with your business. Well, the point is that sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is – if your customer service isn’t up to snuff, you’re going to drive away potential revenue.

As I wrote in my new article, “Missed Calls = Missed Opportunities,” businesses need to make sure they handle incoming sales calls in the best possible way.

We all spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising what we have to offer – well, your prospects don’t care what you have to offer, if they can’t get you on the phone. Just like my family didn’t care about how awesome the food was from the restaurant – if it comes two hours late, it doesn’t do us a whole lot of good!

That’s why I worked hard on my latest all-in-one solution to handling incoming sales calls, “The ROI Matrix.” As with my previous system, the ROI Matrix automatically tracks which marketing generated the call, captures the lead contact information, and answers the call with an automated message and a “Call to Action.”

In addition, instead of just measuring the number of calls a marketing campaign gets, you also get a complete breakdown of the category of phone calls (wrong numbers, sales calls, repeat calls, and, of course, the calls you actually want – prospects who want to buy, buy, buy!), as well as the follow-through that determines how much new business your marketing actually generated.

If you want to know more about what the ROI Matrix can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

And if you like to eat late, I’ll also give you the name of that Italian restaurant!

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