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ROI Guy Blog: Enter The ROI Matrix (pt2)

Hi, Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here.

When it comes to working on ways to improve my clients’ marketing and advertising ROI, as well as boost their bottom line, I work tirelessly. Sometimes, I’m up all night in the ROI Lab. It’s kind of like the Bat Cave, but without the Batmobile and the Cave part…okay, to be honest, it’s just a corner of my garage, but I do like to wear a superhero costume. The cape sometimes gets in the way, but I feel naked without it.

Anyway, the latest innovation from the ROI Lab that I’m incredibly excited about is “The ROI Matrix.” Now, instead of merely measuring the number of calls a marketing campaign gets, you can get a complete breakdown of the category of phone calls (wrong numbers, sales calls, repeat calls, and, of course, the calls you actually want – prospects who want to buy, buy, buy!), as well as the follow-through that determines how much new business your marketing actually generated.

To simplify it even further – now, for the first time, we can tell you exactly how much you made vs. how much you spent! And that, my friends, is ROI to the MAX.

So, for all of you who wring your hands about your marketing and advertising, wondering just what good it’s actually doing for the bucks you’re spending, here’s the way to really, for the first time, KNOW (sorry for all the capital letters – I told you I was excited!).

No, The ROI Matrix is not as big a scientific breakthrough as discovering electricity, splitting the atom or inventing the iPhone…but it’s pretty darn good for a guy in his garage wearing a cape. More importantly, it’s the “killer app” I’ve been wanting to be able to offer my clients. It’s affordable, it’s automatic, and it can help any size business improve its marketing and advertising ROI as never before.

If you want to know more about what the ROI Matrix can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

In the meantime, I’ll be in the ROI Lab. My summer project? Trying to figure out how to make a Mojito!

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