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ROI Guy Blog: Let’s Go To The Tape!

Hi, Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here.

As I wrote in my latest article, “Get the Real Picture of Your Patient Procedure,” a Mystery Video Patient can open up your eyes to what really goes on at your practice like nothing else. It can also create the foundation for real change at your office, so you can:

  • Improve patient retention
  • Improve staff “up sell” of other products and services
  • Correct staff and doctor mistakes in patient treatment
  • Identify areas for systems improvement

A Mystery Video Patient service is the equivalent of a sports “Instant Replay.” In football and, more recently, in baseball, game officials are allowed to look at video of controversial plays that they may have made the wrong call on. And often, those calls are reversed – because they just didn’t see it right when it happened.

Many of us don’t see things right when they happen. We often minimize things we don’t want to see – and blow out of proportion things we’re secretly steaming about. Unlike televised sports, however, we can’t “go to the tape” to see what really happened. Instead, we have to depend on our individual memories, which are frequently faulty to begin with.

When you filter those memories through our own perceptions and prejudices…well, you end up with a game of “Whisper Down the Alley” (which, if you haven’t played it, is where someone whispers something into the next person’s ear…who whispers it into someone else’s ear, until they reach the end of the line – where the original thought has been transformed into something completely different).

With a Video Mystery Patient, the camera doesn’t lie – and you can indeed “go to the tape” – to ascertain just how exactly what the patient experience is at your office. If you’re having problems with patient retention – or have questions about how your staff is interacting with people or how your systems are working – this is the way to get the real answer.

You can’t make the right call if you can’t see the play. And you can’t perfect your practice unless you can see exactly what happens there through the eyes of a patient.

Find out more about my Video Mystery Patient service at http://yourroiguy.com/video-mystery-patient. The only mystery, to be honest, is why more doctors don’t use it!

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