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ROI Guy Blog: Showing You The Money

Hello, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here. In my new article, “The Trick to Tracking Marketing,” I talk about the different technologies used to track and increase the ROI of the marketing and advertising used by small and medium-sized businesses.

And I also mention that a lot of my clients say the same thing to me – “Richard, show me the money!” (I also mention that they need to stop watching “Jerry Maguire.” I mean, Cuba Gooding Jr. got tired of people saying that to him too!).

Well, I’m getting set to show everyone the money – and a whole lot more.

My innovative hi-tech marketing tracking systems have always done a great job (modest, aren’t I?) of showing my clients the number of responses each advertising and marketing placement generated – and also helped in compiling the contact information of those prospects for future marketing.

But I still couldn’t answer the critical question, “How much money does an individual piece of marketing make? Is it worth the expense?”

Now, I will be able to. My ROI Matrix system, which I’ll be rolling out soon, will track to the penny how much your marketing makes for you. And it will do more than that. It will also tell you just the main category of responses that an advertising placement generates.

Are you just getting random questions from people who aren’t serious buyers? Are you just getting sales calls? Or are you getting quality leads who could become lifetime customers? Knowing who your marketing attracts helps you to adjust your message accordingly, as well as your placements.

The ROI Matrix will also enable my clients to automatically follow up with prospects with direct mail, emails, letters, and phone calls in a pre-programmed sequence that will make sure no potential prospect is lost. If there’s a chance of a sale, you’ll be virtually guaranteed of making it.

I’m really excited about the potential for this “ultimate” ROI system – and once you take a look at it, I’m sure you’ll be excited about it too. Keep checking in at my website at www.yourroiguy.com for the latest news.

And in the meantime, enjoy “Jerry Maguire!” I hope I had you at “Hello…”

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  1. All About Paris Says:

    Hello Richard Seppala,

    Thanks for writing this wonderful post and its really helpful in making money online and I read your blog post which are also good.Now your blogs is in my favoutites list.


    Amelie Wakelin

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