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ROI Guy Blog: “The ROI Matrix” Finishes The Job

Hi, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here, hoping you’ve had a chance to take a look at my new article, “Tracking Your Marketing: How Much is Enough?” The article is about if using a unique phone number on your marketing to track the response rate is really enough to measure “The True ROI” of a campaign.

While it’s a good start to see how many leads are generated by your marketing, most business owners would agree that the more important and relevant number is how profitable that marketing was. If the leads you’re generating aren’t quality leads that are ready to buy, it doesn’t matter how many of them call…you’re not making any money! And actually, you’re losing money, because you’re out the cost of the marketing. A negative marketing ROI? Not good!

Because the dollars and cents are so important to know, I invested a lot into the research and development of “The ROI Matrix” with a top-notch tech team. The results were worth it: for the first time, my clients can easily and automatically track a lead generated by marketing campaign from initial contact through a purchase (if one is made). This information gets tabulated instantly on their customized web portal, available 24/7, where it can be analyzed in various charts and reports.

I’ve also put a lot of side benefits into The ROI Matrix – incoming sales calls are automatically recorded and transcribed, and contact information is automatically uploaded into my clients’ CRM.

There are also powerful “add-ons” to The ROI Matrix – such as “The Magic Pill,” an automated sequence of “done-for-you” marketing that will follow-up on generated leads who have dropped out of the buying process, as well as a powerful web-based referral system.

“The ROI Matrix” finally finishes the job I’ve always wanted to accomplish – to track generated leads all the way to the finish line when they “buy or die.” The launch of my biggest and best service yet is close at hand – keep checking www.yourROIguy for the latest on The Matrix (and we promise – no disappointing sequels)!

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