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Hi, Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy,” here.

If you haven’t checked out my Video Mystery Shop service, I’d like to talk about another reason why you should.

“The Mystery Motivator.”

We all get into ruts with our businesses. We all hit days when we want to be comfortable, not be challenged and not have to try too hard. Our problems start when we string a whole bunch of those days in a row…in some cases until we retire!

When you’ve got your company established, when you know what to expect from customers, when your revenues are consistent and you think you’ve got the whole thing licked…that’s sometimes when you just end up (if you’ll excuse the expression) licking yourself.

Because you stop trying.

The Video Mystery Shopper or Patient makes you try again. When you hire my service, you and your staff don’t know when the Mystery Shopper is going to show up, take a secret video of the entire experience and put you all in the spotlight.

Just the other day, my friend took his son to the orthodontist for his regular monthly check-up. He stayed and waited for his boy because it was supposed to be a short appointment. And the kid was told right away to go back to the examination room. All good, right?

Not so right, as my friend told me. As his son sat in the examination chair, and as he sat out in the waiting room paging through six month old magazines (the kind that he would never read even if they were brand new!), the orthodontist stood around gossiping with one of the other staff for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes.

Now, imagine if that office was expecting a Video Mystery Patient – and the thought went through that orthodontist’s head that maybe all this yakkety-yak was going down on tape for the rest of his staff to see? You know, everyone else trying to keep the patients moving through the pipeline during the after-school rush? Maybe he would have thought twice and got back to what he should have been doing.

When you don’t know when someone’s coming in to secretly bust you – but you do know that at some point that person is coming in – it puts everyone a little more on their toes. The “Mystery Motivator” keeps everyone, including you, from being too comfortable.

If you’re interested in finding out how to put “the Mystery Motivator” to work for your business or practice, contact me at [email protected] about my Video Mystery Shop service. To me, it’s no mystery – it’s just what every business needs!

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