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ROI Guy: Tracking Your Marketing Means Boosting Your Profits

Hello, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here. If you haven’t seen my new article, “What’s Driving Your New Business,” I hope you’ll give it a look. It’s all about the importance of knowing which of your marketing and advertising is bringing in the bulk of your new customers – because when you have that information, you know just where to focus your marketing resources.

But most don’t know how to get that critical data. As I discussed in that article, if you’re just relying on your receptionist asking someone new how they heard about you, it’s going to be tough to get accurate answers.

For most small businesses and entrepreneurs, their marketing budget is an expense they really feel. They know they need to do marketing – yet they often don’t feel the need to actually see if that marketing is working, which always confuses me. Do they also spend money on equipment that they don’t know works? Or on hiring employees that they’re not sure can do the job?

Probably not. But, for most people, marketing is like hitting a Vegas casino. They just have to gamble and hope they don’t lose.

But your marketing and advertising doesn’t have to be a gamble.

My marketing tracking systems are automatic, foolproof and give you instant answers on which ad placements are generating the most responses. And my forthcoming ROI Matrix system will even tell you, to the penny, how much revenue they generated as well.

If you could have a definite answer on what marketing created the most new sales for you, wouldn’t you want it? Well, I can provide it – in an affordable, easy-to-use, automated system that’s guaranteed to increase your marketing and advertising ROI as well as boost your bottom line.

Find out about all of my services that can help you power up your profits at www.yourroiguy.com. You see, I don’t believe in gambling. Unless, of course, I’m in Vegas…(and my wife isn’t around!)

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