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Hi, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here. In my new article, “Don’t Be Too Busy for New Business,” I write about “the Busy Bartender” syndrome. That’s when a new customer walks in the door, and the bartender is way too crazed pitching pina coladas to everybody else to even give you the time of day. Eventually, you get tired of waiting around and you leave to find a friendlier place to drink. And odds are, you avoid going back to that place again for a while.

Now imagine your business is that bar – and someone calls, wanting to know about your service or product. You’re too busy to really talk and you blow them off like they’re trying to sell you something. Think that customer is going to come back your way? Only if no one else is selling what you have – and there aren’t many lucky people in that position.

Over half of all incoming sales calls from prospective customers are mishandled, did you know that? One of my services is recording those calls and analyzing how they’re dealt with. And business owners are shocked to hear how bad a job their staff – and sometimes, even themselves – do in handling those calls.

Over half the calls mishandled. Let that roll around in your head awhile – you could be losing over half of your new business. What kind of difference would that make to your bottom line?

That’s why I developed “The ROI Bridge” – to help you bridge that new business gap and handle those incoming calls automatically. The calls are answered by a customized message, and messages are automatically recorded and transcribed – so you can return the call when you do have the time to deal with it properly. Plus you’ll know in advance what the specific question or request is – so you can have an answer ready.

There’s a lot more “The ROI Bridge” does to improve your marketing ROI – you can find out more about it at http://yourroiguy.com/infusionsoft-bridge . But this aspect is really important in this so-called “New Economy.” Now, more than ever, getting and keeping new clients and customers is crucial. My clients know that my services more than pay for themselves – by improving their ROI and raising revenues by making that new business stick.

So if you’re a “busy bartender,” maybe it’s time you found some affordable help. Like me, the ROI Guy. Hey, I don’t even take tips!

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