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ROI Marketing: Phoning It In Works

Hey, everyone, this is Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy.

It’s a fact these days that you can’t totally rely on online click-throughs for all your ROI measurement, marketing research or lead generation. It’s just not reliable enough and you can’t get enough hard information out of it.

That’s why I really believe in “phoning it in”. By using specific phone numbers and targeted keywords associated with different aspects of your online marketing and advertising, it’s easy to get a better handle on what’s working and what isn’t – and just who your customer base is.

Let’s face it, anyone can just click on a link. If they don’t actually buy, you don’t know if it was an accident, someone trying to game the system, or someone who has nothing better to do than “window shop” on their computer.

Generating an actual phone call means actual interest – and is 8 to 10 times more valuable than an online click. Picking up the phone to actually talk to someone at your company means a solid commitment of time and energy – and that means a quality prospect.

That’s why I look for ways to generate those phone call leads from advertising and marketing – accurately tracking them – and nailing down ways to convert those calls to cash and get marketing info.

ROI measurement has never been anything close to an exact science – which is why that particular wheel gets reinvented every few years. In this case, I think it’s absolutely right to reinvent it again.

With the boom of internet marketing, everyone’s gotten a little too reliant on online data and forgotten the power of the personal connection – and that’s a real advantage a phone call has.

“Phoning it in” usually means someone’s not really trying and just going through the motions. But when you get a prospect to phone it in due to your marketing efforts, that’s definitely not just going through the motions. That’s a big ROI breakthrough.

Check out more news and views about ROI measurement at my site, YourROIGuy.com. Until next time, this is Richard Seppala, The ROI Guy wishing you a high ROI on everything you do.

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