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ROI TV: How The ROI Guy Is Singlehandedly Saving TV

Hi, Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here. TV can be a problem. Mostly it’s made up of stuff you don’t want to watch.

On any given night, you can watch a reality show with some less-than-genius cast members yelling at each other about who spent the night with who, a cable news show with some Republican or Democrat yelling at each other, or a crime drama with two detectives yelling at each other – or at a bad guy.

In other words…there’s a lot of yelling. And frankly, none of that’s my idea of a good time.

What is my idea of a good time? Well, I am the ROI Guy, so my idea of a good time…

…is a show that could help people make money!

Well, I couldn’t find a program that really was to my liking in that category either. I just kept seeing some guys sitting around a pool filled with babes in bikinis telling me how I could make millions in real estate or gold or selling some energy drink with a name I couldn’t pronounce.

Don’t tell my wife, but I basically just looked at the babes. Anyway, it was obvious I had to take some serious action. Not with the babes, but with the whole TV thing.

The result? “ROI TV” – coming soon to my website at www.yourroiguy.com!

You can find out more about “ROI TV” in my new article, “Switch on ‘ROI TV’ – and Ramp Up Your Revenues.” Basically, I’ll be talking to a new marketing expert each week and bringing you new and innovative ideas on how to sell your business in ways you may never have thought about.

These experts really know their stuff – and are plugged into all kinds of exciting marketing methods and systems that can make a big difference to the bottom line of any business.

So stop by my website and check out “ROI TV.” Okay, I don’t scream obscenities at my guests who scream them back at me…but you never know what I might be up to on the second season!

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