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Hi, Richard Seppala, Your ROI Guy here. 

If you’ve had a look at my new article, “HOW TO PUT YOUR BUSINESS IN THE ROI SUPER BOWL,” you’ll see how important I think it is to measure your marketing and advertising, and, even more importantly, how your customer service people deal with sales calls.  If you don’t, as I said in that article, it’s as if you’re trying to score with a blindfolded quarterback and a receiver who can’t catch a ball. 

The plain fact is you can’t achieve your sales goals without having an idea of what’s working and not working.  Which means you could be losing thousands of dollars in business and not even know it.

I got into the ROI measurement business because my wife is a dentist.  She was frustrated because (a) she didn’t know if the advertising she was spending significant dollars on was working at all and (b) whether the leads she was generating from that advertising were being properly handled by her receptionist when they called, so that making an appointment was actually encouraged.

I worked out a system where special phone numbers were placed on designated ads – and I could directly measure which ad was generating a particular phone call.  I also put in place a system that recorded every phone call placed by one of the leads.  That way, my wife and I could review whether prospects were being handled correctly on the phone in a proactive way. 

It turned out her ads were effective – they were generating phone calls – but her receptionist just had no idea what to do with those calls.   Once we retrained the receptionist, the problem was fixed and suddenly, my wife’s business profits were going through the roof!

Going back to the Super Bowl analogy, do you think any team goes into a game like that without reviewing the tapes of their own performance – and brutally picking it apart to make sure that crucial mistakes are NOT repeated?   Of course not.  Phone calls are your best opportunity to close the deal with interested prospects – and if they aren’t handled correctly, you could be losing a whole lot of potential income.

You don’t need a Super Bowl-sized budget to effectively measure ROI and make more sales happen.  Check out my site at  http://yourroiguy.com for my services and how they can boost the bottom line of your business.

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