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Richard Seppala, your ROI Guy here, with just a few more thoughts on my article, “Avoid Feast or Famine with a Steady Marketing Diet” 

I have a friend who’s a freelance designer.  He was in over his head for weeks on several major time-consuming projects, working night and day.  He didn’t have time to deal with other potential clients calling him and inquiring about his services – so he didn’t.

When he was finally done with all the big jobs, he suddenly realized he had absolutely no work lined up – a situation that went on for several weeks and caused him to have a nonstop panic attack. 

He eventually regrouped and learned from the experience – you don’t stop marketing to new clients ever.

I think we’ve all been through that drill – you’re working so hard for existing clients, you don’t even want to think about getting new ones.  You can’t really avoid those periods of too-much-to-do.  And when you’re in the middle of them, it’s incredibly hard to focus on Big Picture marketing or generating leads.  But that’s just as important as your current business obligations.

So consider having tested turn-key marketing solutions in place for when a tsunami of work sweeps you away.

By regularly employing reliable ROI measurement services, you’ll already have identified the best venues to place advertising and what generates the most leads.  By having that info, you don’t have to scramble to put together an effective marketing campaign – you’ll already know the best way to go to get the most results, and you can jumpstart the process instantly.  That’s a big plus when you want to increase your marketing  – and your time and attention are already stretched to the limit!

A crucial way to maintain your marketing mojo and increase your new client list in chaotic times is to simply make sure generated leads and referrals who call your office are handled correctly by whoever answers the phone. 

If they’re not trained sales personnel, it’s relatively easy to improve their skills – we have a program that does just that.   We all need to realize, however, the fact that those incoming calls are where a lot of sales are made – and a lot more are lost.  Not dealing correctly with a hot prospect means you’re literally throwing away potential revenue for years to come.  Those people are coming to you to ask about your business – not selling effectively to them and, at the very least, gathering their contact info is a huge blown opportunity.

We have the kind of ROI measurement programs and marketing training that can help keep your business profile visible even when you have to drop out of sight.  Visit me at http://yourroiguy.com to find out more. 


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