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Ginger Bratzel

Richard Seppala and Total Census Solution has found a easy-for-me-to-use fix, for my most difficult productivity problem—to make sure my marketing is working…and working well.

FOR YEARS, I tried different things to find out what my true ROI was on all marketing. I trained, begged, and incentivized my staff to find out where our new patients were coming from. And at the end of the each and every month, only two sources came up “word of mouth and yellow pages.” I knew this wasn’t true because I knew I was marketing in different areas and I could see the increase in patient numbers, I just didn’t know from where.

And in defense of my staff, it wasn’t their fault. They would ask the patient and those were the answers they got. We would try to play detective and dig deeper for the true source but that was just crazy most of the time and didn’t give any better information.

But once we implemented Richard’s done for me system, it became a no brainer. Richard and TCS did all the work. We didn’t need huge internal tracking sheets or specialized equipment. We just answered the phone when it rang. And we weren’t relying on the inaccurate information from the patients anymore. We made marketing tracking 100% scientific and took the human error factor totally out. Richard provided everything we needed.

One of best features is the phone recording. We had hired a phone trainer who also did a random secret shopper calls once a month. I thought that was enough. But I found out, each and every call needs to be monitored and tracked. The once-a-month audit was too infrequent and the staff began to recognize when they were being audited and turned on the charm for that one call. It wasn’t a true representation. We found what is monitored improves, and now I am able to get my money’s worth out of my phone training investment. The team knows all their calls are being recorded so they need to step up their game.

We can use the recordings as needed for retraining because we have them right there. It makes us better.

I highly recommend Richard Seppala and Total Census Solutions. I urge anyone who is serious about customer service and getting your money’s worth out of your team and your marketing, you need to call him immediately.

Ginger Bratzel DDS
Small Town Dentist Success Systems


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