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TCS service is great and we love it. Richard’s service is wonderful. If we need more numbers is fast it often gets done before we even hang up the phone. The reports are quick and allow us instant feedback on our marketing success and our phone skills.

This whole process is for us to get better and that’s what TCS lets us achieve. We listen to the actual recorded calls, critique them together and get better at converting patients.

We are now able to monitor all our marketing on a daily basis so we know what is working and what’s not right away. We even are able to monitor missed calls when the office is closed and to see what marketing piece they came from. Tracking is key with Richard’s system.

It was so simple to use that we didn’t need to go through some elaborate training to get started. That’s why it works so well for us. If it isn’t easy to use, we get the full potential out of any system. We catch the referral stats immediately and are able to do many marketing pieces at the same time and not get our data confused.

We use it with toll free phone numbers, local phone numbers and also in the phone book so we know exactly where each person found out about us. Even when we asked a patient where they found out about us before, that wasn’t always correct. They would say that they drove by the office and saw us before. Now when they call in, even when they said it was our location, we find out from the tracking it was actually from one particular ad with its custom TCS phone number.

We had some marketing pieces that we were using before TCS that we thought didn’t work. Once we started using TCS to track the ad, we found out the marketing pieces were fine because we got patients calling in off of it, but we were dropping the ball on our phone skills to get them converted over as patients. The whole system takes it full circle and makes our marketing more cost efficient as well as allow us to be more effective at converting those phone leads.

Mickey of Dr. Scott Schuman’s Office
Grove City, Ohio


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