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We started using TCS’s system 4 months ago. It was really easy to use right from the start. Our intended purpose of getting it was to monitor marketing campaigns and track ROI on them. We were testing designs and call to actions and needed a way of monitoring multiple campaigns all in the same area going to our central call area.

We found the ability to listen to the actual call of our sales force was priceless. We could see how effective our training was, who needed more training and help, and had some shocking moments on what was said to prospects when they called in sometimes.

The benefits of finding out exactly what ads worked well. We were also surprised to find out in certain areas where the campaigns were mailed that they had a higher response than others from our phone tracking. So we can give that information to our regional managers and they can follow up with targeted marketing to those areas.

Through all the options that Total Census Solutions offered us, we got data easily that we never collected before and found that it was very beneficial to have to make our marketing more effective. Before Total Census we were relying on staff to collect the information of what ad source got the prospect to call. That information was not being done or incorrectly recorded. Now our sales team is freed up to work on converting prospects to move-ins instead of monitoring and recording how they found out about us.

We have had easily a 30% increase from the tracking to secure more appointments and increase our conversion.

Nicole Ward
Marketing Coordinator


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