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TCS is a tiny investment with great rewards.

We easily spend almost $60K for a 6 week campaign and we want to make sure that investment is getting optimal results. We can increase our numbers just from capturing any missed call. We found through the recordings that if someone didn’t get a live person at any point, they would just hang up. They wouldn’t leave a voice mail even if we said we would call them right back. With the tracking, we have a record of those calls and we can call them. The prospects really like that and that has helped our conversions.

We didn’t intend on using the recorded calls options when we started but he found out quickly that was a great training opportunity. We can listen to the calls and finds great staff to use as samples for other who might need more training. They could charge much more and it would still be cheap. If anyone is spending money on marketing, you have to have TCS there making sure you get the most out of your money.

I am hesitant to recommend them to anyone. It is not because they don’t give good service because they are great. It isn’t because they don’t offer an awesome service. I don’t want to recommend them to others because I want to keep them to myself. They have given us such an advantage over the competition; I would love to keep TCS as my own little secret weapon. TCS is so great; we can’t imagine marketing without them now in the future.

Ames Bunkhouse
Director of Sales and Marketing
Carlton Senior Living


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