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John Williams

If I could use one word to describe Total Census Solution it would be TREMENDOUS!

We started using Richard and TCS only 8 months ago and I saw the results right away. We started out using it to track direct mail pieces to just test the verbiage.
When say how valuable it was we started assigned different tracking numbers to particular areas to measure their response. We got so much data from TCS with the demographic breakdown that we are able to prequalify prospect just from that initial call and improve our marketing results.
There were these calls coming in and we got more data that we even knew what to do with all by the magic of TCS.

Before, we were relying on our sales team to ask the caller where they heard about us and their interpretation.

Now with TCS, the sales team was left to talk to the prospect and we got the exact place they were calling off without any extra work.

We introduced it blindly to the sales team to see how our sales call training was going. With the built in monitoring we know exactly what is being said. Also we have both sides of the conversation which was missing if you have just a manager in a sales room listening in on the staff. This way we are able to gently push the sales team in the right direction and get the most out of our training investment.

From the call logs, we found out we were missing many calls on the weekend or when the front desk receptionist was getting swamped. From that analysis we were able to set up a dedicated direct line that went right to our marketing associates so no one is being put on hold or being transferred when they call. It also keeps on receptionist stress free.

The results so far clearly speak for themselves. In 2006, we mailed out over 240,000 direct mail pieces that resulted in 32 tours and 16 move-ins. In February to May of this year with TCS, we only mailed out 3000 postcards and we had so many calls we were running 4 tours a day, 4 times a week. We had 321 responses from prequalified prospects based on the data we got from Total Census.

There is no way we could have done that before. Richard and his team have been very responsive and this whole system is “slick as can be.” If I need something it gets done effortlessly.

I highly recommend anyone to invest in Total Census.

John Scott Williams
VP of Marketing


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