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“The ROI Guy” Richard Seppala Creates “The Holy Grail Of Marketing” For Small Business, Professionals And Corporations Looking For Maximum Returns On Their Marketing Investment

By Jonathan Widran

Not that it’s ever good karmic wisdom to wish misfortune on other people, but there’s no doubt that thousands of small business owners and numerous large corporations throughout America, Australia and the UK are happy in retrospect that Richard Seppala, aka The ROI Guy, blew his knee out back when he was a student at American International College.

When his collegiate football career ended, the Jacksonville, Florida native decided it was his early calling to focus on healing other players’ injuries—and began studying physical therapy as an undergrad and later for his Master’s. After working for several years for a nursing home chain—during which time he became a VP of Sales and Marketing, responsible for over 400 senior living homes across the U.S.—he took his accumulated direct sales and marketing experience and in 2005 launched a revolutionary company whose services are perfectly captured by the catchy moniker The ROI Guy.

Currently one of the country’s top marketing experts and business consultants, the Orlando based Seppala and his network of specialists around the U.S. educate business owners on how to maximize their profits by accurately measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of their marketing efforts. In addition to his acclaimed marketing tracking systems, called “The Holy Grail of Marketing,” he also supplies businesses and medical practices with cutting edge sales solutions designed to facilitate the conversion of generated leads to cash-paying customers. His latest groundbreaking tracking system, “The ROI Matrix,” measures to the penny just how much revenue each specific marketing placement generates for a client.

Grounded by years of direct sales and marketing experience, he brings significant value to organizations with creative insight, proven strategies and practical sales and marketing tools that generate results. These tools have generated thousands of inbound calls and qualified leads for multiple providers in multiple disciplines. Over the years, he has trained thousands of sales and marketing professionals from all over the country, to help them sell more effectively, generate more referrals and successfully convert callers into customers.

Seppala’s marketing expertise is regularly sought out by the media, which he’s shared on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek. He’s also launched his own television show, “ROI TV,” which features interviews with other top marketing specialists.

Seppala discusses many of his techniques for maximizing ROI in the several chapters he has written for his new book “ROI Marketing Secrets Revealed,” in which 30 of today’s top marketing experts share their knowledge with business owners hoping to crack the code and generate revenue beyond their wildest dreams. His own chapters include the intro chapter “Guide To Maximizing Your Profits,” “How ROI Guy Raises Your ROI,” “Measuring Your Online ROI” and “The Four Pillars of ROI.” This latter section is based on the premise that it’s not just about money but also helping businesses maximize their time and opportunities, bolstering their image and staff and increasing ROI in different areas.

“We at The ROI Guy have marketing measurement tools that will give business owners their results automatically,” Seppala says, “and these results can be anything from literal dollars to response rates and how effectively their staff is converting leads into customers, determined in part by our recording actual phone conversations. We take these results and coach the business owners on how to convert more of their leads into longstanding customers. A lot of our clientele are small business owners, anything from martial arts studios, daycare facilities, plumbers to marketing agencies and internet marketers.

“These firms can’t afford a billion dollars a year like Coca-Cola to brand themselves,” he adds. “Dollars are tight, and they need to maximize their ROI. Many of them come to us when the marketing campaigns they create themselves didn’t get the results they had in mind.”

Seppala sometimes jokes that ROI Guy is like a Big Brother watching over you—but in a good way! He’s also so confident in the services his company offers that he gives the basic start up package away free for new clients willing to try them out. “We’re not here just to have customers, but to develop clients for life who will utilize our services and allow us to make them more successful,” he says. “Often, what’s lacking is a targeted marketing approach. Companies typically use the shotgun method, hoping something sticks, but if they’re not actually measuring what sticks and what doesn’t, they’ll deplete their marketing budget and realize they didn’t get much money in return for their investment.

He adds, “There are no marketing courses taught in dental school, for instance, so a lot of great dentists have never been taught how to generate leads and create longtime patients from those. If they see the dentist down the street with a full page ad, they think, I need a full page ad too in order to be successful. But if they take a more targeted approach, they can eliminate a lot of the marketing expenses and get more results driven ROI.”

The home page of www.yourroiguy.com begins the presentation of the company’s services with the questions: What are YOUR numbers? Do you know the return on investment (ROI) for each of your marketing campaigns?

Seppala proposes that the solution to maximizing ROI and identifying which marketing campaigns are effective and which should be eliminated lies in the numerous revolutionary systems he has developed which take the guesswork out of marketing. These programs are designed to: 1)
Make sure your marketing message is working; 2) Evaluate which marketing placements are the most effective; 3) Track incoming sales calls and capture lead information; 4) Ensure new potential customer calls are handled appropriately; and 5) Convert incoming calls to actual sales.

ROI Guy’s Call Tracking System accurately measures the success of a company’s online and offline marketing and advertising campaigns and provides a comparison between their ad campaigns and precise information regarding their marketing ROI and other ratios. This data has been proven to be an effective training tool for a company’s staff.

Call Tracking gives clients the ability to measure each of their marketing campaigns and compare their performance; calculate ratios such as ROI and cost per lead; collect critical business intelligence such as caller’s names and addresses; and record each phone call for training purposes. The Call Review feature allows one to digitally record every inbound call to help pinpoint weak sales techniques and identify why leads are being mishandled. The ultimate goal of Call Tracking is to convert calls into sales.

The Dynamic Tracking System taps into the modern day reality that many potential customers don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore but look up businesses online or on their mobile devices. Those businesses running a pay-per-click campaign or using other Internet marketing methods need to be able to track their offline contacts. This system provides companies with the ability to do so. While Google Analytics is great for tracking online traffic, they have to be able to monitor your offline calls, too.

The ROI Bridge is an ROI marketing, tracking and measurement system that integrates with numerous Marketing Automation Software. Leads are captured automatically and incorporated into a company’s marketing software. Seppala declares it clearly: “You don’t have to do anything but focus on running your business!”

One of ROI Guy’s most unique concepts is the Video Mystery Patient Program, which allows professional clients like dentists to see into their world through the eyes of their new patients—all the better to identify how they are treated and how their staff makes presentations.

Further explaining some of these systems, Seppala says, “Dynamic Tracking helps clients convert more leads to customers. One of the things that separates us from other marketing experts is that we don’t just measure how many calls you got, but we break them down. Did you get the lead? Did they schedule an appointment? Did they show up? If so, did they buy your services or become a paying patient? How much did that patient spend exactly? We act as coaches throughout the process. It works something like this: let’s say a dentist received ten new prospective patients from one ad, well this looks like a good ROI but if those 10 patients don’t accept the treatment plans from the doctor then there is a negative ROI for their time spent on their return” This is where we come in and train the staff on what is or is not being said.

Seppala’s journey from being a trained physical therapist to the ultimate ROI Guy is a fascinating study of a life that somehow seemed destined for success in the marketing world. While his medical training helped him get a job as a therapist in a nursing home, his innate skills in sales and marketing helped him quickly jump over to the corporate side of a prominent nursing home chain. He went into specialty marketing for assisted living facilities and soon became a national sales and marketing consultant. His goal throughout these years was to open his own facility.

Fate had other plans, obviously, but the insights he picked up along the way would prove to be important tools when he launched his own firm and began helping businesses achieve their maximum potential. “I learned that the relationship with the customer is the most important thing in business, and I began paying more attention to the customers and their needs than simply trying to sell something.”

Seppala launched Total Census Solutions, now known as The ROI Guy, after leaving his job with the assisted living company due to the separation anxiety suffered by his toddler son over his constant traveling. He says, “I took all the lessons I learned from that company to start my own. My mission statement was that I was going to help companies avoid the mistakes I had made as the VP of sales and marketing. That means, more effectively targeting one’s marketing message, measuring the success of each campaign. I found a way to package my ideas and offer them to clients all over the country who could benefit from my experience. I began hiring people with a similar personality to mine with the overall notion that if we give our clients more, they will be a client for life rather than a customer for a short time.”

Seppala adds, “Being the ROI Guy, I have time flexibility which allows me to spend time with my four young sons and gives me the opportunity to watch them grow up. On a business level, I love giving any business owner the knowledge and tools that allows them to make it like the big boys without a big boy budget. We’re all about giving them assurance that they can compete with the big guys nowadays. We want people to know that we’re committed to their success in their advertising and marketing campaigns for the long haul.”


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