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Featured Product – “Irefer”

Richard Seppala, Your ROI Guy, here with another great new service to help you boost your marketing ROI. This month, I’m proud to refer you to…”irefer.”

No, I’m not giving you doubletalk – I’ll leave that to the guy on late night infomercials selling miracle car wax. “irefer” is, in fact, an amazing new tool that dramatically improves your marketing word of mouth (or WOM, if you want to learn yet another fun new acronym!) with a minimum of time, effort, and most importantly in these down-sized times, cost.

I already have a few clients using irefer and they’re very excited about the results. Here’s how it works…

You direct satisfied clients to your irefer web page (that automatically gets set up for you – you don’t have to do a thing except provide a logo and some info). There, you offer those clients a special incentive – a discount or a freebee – if they refer you to a certain number of their friends or business associates.

Those referrals – which are basically free quality leads – then receive an email from your customer inviting them to use your products or services and get a special introductory discount. You can also select to have a postcard delivered to them via snail mail if you want, containing the same endorsement from their friend and the same special introductory offer from you.

Basically, it’s a win-win for everybody. Your customer and the referrals they provide all get a special deal, and you get more potential business. That’s ROI you can believe in!

Not only that, irefer collects from your customers additional marketing information that you get to determine. irefer also sets up a tabulation page that contains all the information on the number of your customers that have signed up and the number of successful referrals they’ve given you. You can download everyone’s information with the click of a button, as well as measure the success of your irefer campaigns.

By using happy customers to spread the word about your business – and rewarding them for doing it – you’re generating quality leads you can bank on to improve your bottom line. And irefer does all the hard work for you – you just have to effectively direct your customers there to start the process!

I recommend the irefer service because it increases your marketing ROI by adding in “the personal touch” – it sells you through social networking rather than impersonal traditional marketing. Obviously, potential customers will trust the word of an associate over the usual marketing email or direct mail piece.

Find out more about this turn-key marketing referral program by contacting me at
at [email protected].

I definitely refer “irefer.”


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