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7 Powerful Reasons Why Your Telephone Is the Lifeblood of Your Practice!

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From the Desk of: Richard Seppala

Dear Doctor,

You’re probably doing everything you can (within reason) to build your practice.

…At least you think you are.

You’re working hard, running your company, searching for the best ways to remain competitive…and to keep every patient and customer you can.

…At least you think you are.

Danger looms. What if I told you your practice had a gapping hole in it, hemorrhaging valuable revenue faster than you were bringing it in?

Worse yet – You’re probably completely unaware of its existence!

Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars might be slipping through the cracks of your business on a daily basis.

I know firsthand, because I made the same mistakes. Let me share my personal story with you.

My background is in nursing home marketing. One of my key tools I use within that industry to monitor customer service and our marketing efficiency is phone tracking. I monitored incoming phone calls, the demographics of the caller, and what marketing piece drove the prospect to call our facility with specialized phone numbers that tracks all that information.
Good information to have, right?

So one evening during dinner, my beautiful and talented wife, Lisa, who just also happens to be a dentist, was stressed out about marketing campaigns she had just invested a huge chunk of change into and she was getting “ZERO” results from it.

She spent about $15,000 on these campaigns, and only got seven new patients for all her time and effort.

Saying she was upset would be an understatement.

Simple math clearly indicated something was wrong. From all indications, it appeared that Lisa had an ineffective marketing campaign. At least that’s the way it appeared on paper.

But when we sat down to talk and figured it out, we found a completely different story.

I told her that I could help and I would like to look at her phones and the systems being using to handle them. I immediately offered to set up tracking phone numbers and we could monitor the calls.

She said no way it could be the phones.

Her receptionist was a 12 year veteran of the front office with a silver tongue. She has been extensively trained on phone skills and it was impossible it could be her.

I kept offering to check the phones to just confirm what my wife THOUGHT was happening –meaning everything was going just as it should. But Lisa told me it would be a waste and basically blew me off for a month. (Hey, I didn’t take it personally, she ignored me all the time. It is just a part of being married but enough about me personal life.)

So over the course of the next month, I kept offering and she kept ignoring me just up until she was ready to run her next campaign.

She said, “okay hot shot. Let’s set up phone tracking lines and see who’s right.”

My only condition was we run the analysis without alerting her staff and she agreed.

Here’s where the story gets darn right interesting…

A couple of weeks later, Dr. Lisa asked her receptionist how many new patients they received from their latest direct mail campaign.

The receptionists said, “Doc, we didn’t get a good response”. She went on to say, “I don’t think you should continue that campaign. We only got two calls and only one person ended up scheduling an appointment with us. I think it was a waste of your marketing dollar.”

Based on her comments, Lisa took the time to carefully analyze the campaign. She listened to each inbound call assigned to the tracking system.

What Lisa found out was what the receptionist was reporting to her and what actually happened where two very different things. As it turns out, her marketing campaign was very successful. She got 49 calls off of this campaign that the receptionist reported was a waste of money AND she found that all 49 calls were handled poorly once they reached her office.

That’s right; the marketing campaign generated 49 calls to her office! Nice marketing results if you ask me.

So later that day, my talented and intelligent wife, the dentist, shared the findings with the receptionist. Lisa showed her the report I generated for the office with the 49 calls straight from the direct mail campaign!

The receptionist said “Oh my gosh doctor, how did you know that?”

She also told her that she had personally listened to all 49 inbound calls through her newly acquired telephone surveillance system.

The Story Has a Happy Ending…

As it turns out, Lisa didn’t fire the receptionist. She turned the negative situation into a positive by teaching her receptionist a more effective way to handle inbound calls. The receptionist now has new telephone skills to properly facilitate inbound customer calls.

Lisa put my phone tracking surveillance system on all her phone lines and assigned specialized numbers to all her pieces.

The bottom line…

After one month of fully implementing our telephone analysis system, Lisa increased her production more than $30,000 – in just one month!

Lisa’s initial issues occurred because of the way the calls were answered, not due to their marketing.

The scary part of this story is this – The receptionist didn’t even realize she was doing anything wrong. She didn’t know enough to ask the right questions to support the mailing even with you 12 years of experience. Instead, she waited until the information was volunteered by the caller. And, on most occasions, the information wasn’t volunteered by the caller, resulting in lost revenue opportunities for the dental practice.

And most importantly, my wife had to apologize to me and admit I was right!

Revenue could be disappearing on you too just like a rabbit in a magic act.

That’s right…you read those comments correctly. Allow me to explain what I am talking about in a different way.

Calls that went unanswered or transferred to voicemail that never made it there …Gone Forever!

Do the math.

Run the numbers in your head. Do yourself a favor. Your knees will buckle once you realize the potential loss of revenue consistently disappearing from your bottom line. It will make you sick.

What’s worse, this scenario isn’t happening now and again or once in a while. NO!

It’s likely happening to you every single day!

While you are doing what you know best, working hard for new patients, horrible things are happening at your practice, right under your nose.

Here’s just a sample of what I KNOW is going on at your office on a daily basis:

  • Frustrated patients and customers are calling your practice. Their calls are not being answered…so they hang up.
  • Patients are being mishandled by one or more of your staff without your knowledge…so patients and prospects
    go somewhere else.
  • Receptionist & scheduling personnel fail to close potential patients because of ineffective scheduling techniques…so the prospect ends up going somewhere else.

In all likelihood, you don’t miss this business because you never saw it in the first place!

You never knew you had it or the opportunity to capture it.

These are just a few examples of revenue coming in your front door and quietly exiting right out your back door. Day after day, night after night…

This scenario is like an annoying leaky faucet, consistently dripping potential revenue down the sink – 24 hours a day.

Can you continue to afford this methodical exiting cash flow?

I doubt it.

Industry Trends, Costs & Expenses

According to industry norms, advertising costs have increase nationwide, substantially increasing the cost of each lead generated.

  • Average direct mail rate: $350.00 per lead
  • Average newspaper ad: $450.00 per lead


What is really happening in your Practice?

Industry wide…

No contact information was captured for 40% of all Potential Patients calls:

  • No name
  • No phone number
  • No address

Only 20% of all callers were offered help

  • Of the 20%, only 38% were invited to Schedule
  • Only 11% were asked to call back during business hours
  • An average of 24% of new patient calls were sent to voicemail

With our “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System, you can:

  • Identify the advertising source that generates the call
  • Capture caller names and contact information
  • Log the date and time of the incoming calls
  • Evaluate the sales person’s handling of the calls

You’ll be queasy when I show you how much business you are losing every day simply due to the ways your staff are handling inbound patient calls; some on purpose and some by accident.

What’s worse, all those expensive issues can easily be eliminated.

  • Would you like to know how many times a day your Practice was missing new patient calls? Calls that could have been answered and converted into schedule opportunities. Instead, these calls went to voice mail, only to have the customer hang up before they left a message.
  • Would you like to know how many times a day or week this scenario was reoccurring?
  • How quickly do you think you could increase your revenue and virtually erase all those opportunities you were losing if you only knew how many inquiry calls were being mishandled?

Reason #1 Big Losses are Happening In Your Own Backyard

Businesses spend huge sums of money on marketing and advertising – all with one goal in mind…to increase their Patients.

  • Do you know how much it costs your Practice to get a new patient?
  • Do you know how much it costs your Practice when you lose a patient?

Have you ever stopped to realize how much business is won or lost just by the way your telephones are being answered?

What if your business was to lose just one lead a day because the call was not answered or a patient was mishandled for some reason?

Have you ever considered what those accumulative losses might be?

Even with a conservative estimate, it adds up to $100’s, maybe $1,000’s of dollars in lost revenue per month.

What if I told you this problem could be easily fixed for just pennies a day?

Would you believe me? Would you think it was even possible?

Reason #2 Stop the Financial Bleeding While You Still Can!

DON’T PANIC: There is an easy, inexpensive solution to your problem.

Imagine This Scenario

What if you had access to an easy-to-read, sophisticated analysis that clearly illustrated the path of every single new patient call placed to your practice – regardless of the hour of the day or day of the week?

Imagine being able to track the process of every call, even after it was transferred by your receptionist…all the way through the sales process to the completion of the conversation, regardless of where it ended and the length of the call.

Sound nice? Keep reading, it gets even better.

Not only can you track the calls, but with the click of a button, you can also listen to any part of the conversation.

This is powerful, invaluable information you MUST have.

You’ll know if your receptionist is greeting patients correctly

You’ll know if your staff are asking the right questions during initial contact

You’ll know if any calls are being dropped at any point in the process

You’ll know how many calls are being placed to your practice when the phone is staffed and when it isn’t. Mornings, nights, weekends.

Just like a doctor, you’ll have access to a complete diagnostic of your practice with a detailed report indicating wherever there are deficiencies in your system.

“Hi Richard…Thank you! Since we have added your tracking lines to our marketing – we know instantly what the results are from each campaign that we run!

I also love the fact that we can see when all of our calls are coming in, and monitor how they are being handled. Making sure that we don’t let any prospective patients slip through the cracks!”

Dr. Kevin Bonn
Practice owner

Reason #3 Our Advanced “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System Leaves No Stone Unturned

The monitored report includes all times, night’s weekend, pre-opening hours, etc. This system leaves no stone unturned.

Having this kind of knowledge is invaluable to your business.

Access to this detailed information is like being in the other team’s huddle listening to them call the plays. It’s almost an unfair advantage over your competition, knowing so much about your business activity. You’ll instantly correct and eliminate huge, gaping holes in your business.

The benefits are numerous, which I will talk more about in a few minutes.

Reason #4 Your Investment is Pennies a Day – Not Dollars

You might think a system this important to your business would cost a kings ransom, but that’s not the case…in fact, it’s the opposite.

The system is surprisingly inexpensive….for many businesses, the cost of this tested, effective, proven system is less cost per day than a cup of coffee.

What I Am About To Share With You Is Going To Change Your Practice Forever.

Don’t take this lightly – I suggest you take about 10 minutes and read this report without interruption. I urge you to close your door and hold your calls for a few minutes. You will be glad you did.

“TCS service is great and we love it. Richard’s service is wonderful. If we need more numbers is fast it often gets done before we even hang up the phone. The reports are quick and allow us instant feedback on our marketing success and our phone skills.

This whole process is for us to get better and that’s what TCS lets us achieve. We listen to the actual recorded calls, critique them together and get better at converting patients.

We are now able to monitor all our marketing on a daily basis so we know what is working and what’s not right away.

We even are able to monitor missed calls when the office is closed and to see what marketing piece they came from. Tracking is key with Richard’s system.

It was so simple to use that we didn’t need to go through some elaborate training to get started. That’s why it works so well for us. If it isn’t easy to use, we get the full potential out of any system.

We catch the referral stats immediately and are able to do many marketing pieces at the same time and not get our data confused.

We use it with toll free phone numbers, local phone numbers and also in the phone book so we know exactly where each person found out about us. Even when we asked a patient where they found out about us before, that wasn’t always correct. They would say that they drove by the office and saw us before. Now when they call in, even when they said it was our location, we find out from the tracking it was actually from one particular ad with its custom TCS phone number.

We had some marketing pieces that we were using before TCS that we thought didn’t work. Once we started using TCS to track the ad, we found out the marketing pieces were fine because we got patients calling in off of it, but we were dropping the ball on our phone skills to get them converted over as patients. The whole system takes it full circle and makes our marketing more cost efficient as well as allow us to be more effective at converting those phone leads.

Mickey of Dr. Scott Schuman’s Office
Grove City, Ohio

A constant flow of potential business is literally slipping through the cracks of your operation every day and you MUST stop it from continuing.

The good news is you can stop the financial bleeding almost immediately.

Bottom Line: A high percentage of people answering phones do not offer appropriate help to the caller. Furthermore, often times, receptionists fail to capture the callers critical contact information so unfortunately there can be no follow up.

In a typical office, it is staggering how many missed opportunities occur on a daily basis.

Reason #5 Effective Monitoring Options

Every Inbound Patient Call To Your Practice Can Be Recorded:

As the key person in charge at your practice, you can listen to all of your inbound patient calls, and easily determine how each call is being handled.

It’s called phone surveillance.

To give you an idea of how effective this type of monitoring can be to your bottom line, just compare how successful video surveillance has been for retail stores and other merchandising companies.

Theft, shoplifting and other illegal activities have been dramatically reduced, and in most cases completely eliminated, saving businesses and storeowners millions of dollars in potentially lost merchandise and revenue.

Audio surveillance is no different.

Instantly you are back in control with the ability to monitor every call placed to your business. You will be shocked to finally know exactly how your practice is handling the lifeblood of your business – Your Inbound Patient Telephone calls.

Our “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System gives you instant access to audio recordings of each call, all the way through to the end of the conversation, including transfers and sales presentations – for as long as the call lasts.

Richard and TCS are great. They are so easy to work with.

They worked with us to develop a custom system to serve our needs. I use about 7 different phone lines to rotate with all my marketing pieces. When someone calls in, we know right away which ad they called off of before we even answer the phone so we are prepared.

I used to put our office phone number, our website, and a toll free phone number for a recorded message on all our pieces. I mistakenly believed those ads weren’t working because no one requested the free reports and almost stopped using them. Come to find out with Richard’s system, our ads were very successful and the prospects where just calling the office directly and not identifying that ad as the referral source. So there was this ad that I thought was a dud ended up being a high ROI generator. I would never have known that if it wasn’t for Richard and Total Census Solutions.

We very easily and quickly are able to now identify the marketing source, how it works, what common questions we keep getting off of that particular ad because we have the recordings, and then we can generate specific responses and have them ready to answer the prospects questions in no time.

If we miss a phone call we have their name and phone number along with how they came to find us even with the office is closed. How cool is that?

It has turned my marketing department from ‘gut reaction’ to ‘scientific marketing’because I know exactly what I spend to get a patient and there is no guess work involved. If I know in a week’s time to the penny what ROI I am getting from an ad, then I can tweak it and be more proactive with what I spend to get the next patient because I know what I am going to get out of them.

I can test ads with different tracking phone numbers at the same time to see which ones pulls and which ones don’t. I am doing that with two different niches in the very same Yellow Pages right now.

Richard has made the whole system so easy to use that we were up and running in no time so when can be production.

I have looked at the ‘so-called competition’ and no one delivers like TCS. Just a great service and I can’t say enough nice things about it.

Dr. Keith Kelley
Troy, Michigan

High Call Activity – Low sales/Appointments Secured:

Let me give you an example of what I mean: Let’s say on any given day, ABC Practice typically receives 10 new patient calls. However, they only secure 3 appointments per day.

What is happening to the other 7 or so calls that didn’t result in an appointment?

Where did those calls go…how were they handled?

These are just a few examples of what is going on in most businesses on a daily basis.

Its time to put a stop to these casual ways your phones are being answered. Business opportunities are being squandered on a regular basis.

Now you can record and track every call to your practice – for pennies a day. This is revolutionary one of a kind system. It will change the way you do business.

Most business don’t spend much time on this part of their operation because their focus is out on the streets trying to drum up new patients.

Meanwhile back at the shop, countless inbound calls are going to voice mail, being mishandled or simply going unanswered.

In most cases, staff thinks they are doing a good job. They believe they are taking care of business, but often there is the absence of a clearly defined script preventing the new patient call from being handled effectively. The result is another mishandled opportunity for new business.

Huge sums of money and the potential for new patients are wasted when someone fails to ask the right questions.

Most of the time, poorly handled inquiry calls just disappear into thin air.


It is an entirely different scenario when the calls are recorded and the employee knows they are being recorded.

Your employees can actually go back and hear their complete conversation with a prospect or customer. They can listen to each call as a training module for improved performance.

As an owner, you will know exactly how many calls or patients were lost due to poor call management, and in some cases capture the ideal sales conversation which can then be shared with other employees.

Nothing is more effective than a real telephone call handled to perfection. Properly handled calls can be used as a positive training tool for employees. Good calls are great motivators when replayed during a staff meeting or other sales related training.

Welcome to surveillance of your practice telephone.

Businesses That Should Not Take Advantage of Our “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System

  • Any practice owner not interested in providing the highest quality of customer service they possibly can.
  • Any doctor not interested in growing their practice.
  • Any practice owner who has a lot of money to waste on marketing.
  • Any practice owner uninterested in new, innovative business technology.
  • Any practice owner with a casual interest in their bottom line or long-term success.
  • Any practice owner uninterested in where or how their marketing and administrative dollars are being spent.
  • Any practice owner with a “cavalier attitude” about the long-term success of their business.

Any practice owner that falls within the guidelines of this list would probably not be a good fit for our call tracking system.

Using Total Census Solutions to record our phone calls and track our marketing efforts has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for the practice. The ability to track where are calls are coming from and actually listen to how the calls are being answered has proved to be invaluable. Every day, I can see which of our marketing efforts are performing, as well as hear how we are responding to the incoming calls. It has given me the ability to troubleshoot and fix problems immediately and know where we should be spending our money and where we shouldn’t. We use the recorded calls for ongoing training with the front desk staff, and the improvement I hear on our phones is amazing! Thank You TCS!!!

Dana Monson
Glenview Dental Excellence

Businesses That MUST Absolutely Have This “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System

Any business interested in knowing how their inbound patient calls are being processed and handled. This customized system is good for any practice concerned about turning lost opportunities into newfound revenue.

Our Precision Tracking System fits almost every type of business.

Our advanced system not only catches mistakes being made early in the sales process, it also acts as an effective sales tool to build better techniques for employees.

If properly used, our system will help turn negative situations into positive sales opportunities at every stage of the sales process. Even veteran sales people can improve after hearing themselves in live conversations with clients.

Reason #6 Our System Is Seamless With Most Business Situations

When a person calls your Practice, the caller is instantly notified that for quality assurance the call may be recorded or monitored. Our system offers two primary functions:

  1. It tracks all your marketing campaigns so you know what is working and what’s not working.
  2. It records all calls so you know how well your customer service is and how effective your sales staff is with every call, every day.

Your phone is the lifeblood of your business. Without incoming patient calls to your practice, you really don’t have an effective business. It will be just a matter of time before you’re not competitive.

Refreshing Training Options

Our tracking system is often used as a training aid for staff.

When one of the sales staff conducts the perfect sales call, the call is retrieved and shared with other staff.

Listening to a live call is much more effective than listening to a rehearsed mystery shop call or role-play training. It’s a great way to hear and learn how other staff overcome objections from a prospect or customer.

Actual Client Scenario

One of our clients is the marketing director for a large practice in Chicago. We work very closely with their office to help retain their new patient calls.

Prior to using our system, this practice was losing about 40% of all their total incoming calls.

The company desperately wanted to close the gap and have us determine why they were losing almost half of their total inbound patient calls.

We ran an analysis and determined the two most popular hours for incoming calls occurred between 8 a.m. & 9 a.m. and between 12 noon & 1 p.m.

Another Happy Client Scenario

The manager of the practice was astonished to get the results of our analysis.

Here’s what we discovered …The morning inbound call surge occurred during the time the practice scheduled their daily “huddle” staff meetings. The other time surge for missed calls occurred during the lunch hour. This was the time when most of the office managers left the building for lunch.

The manager made some quick changes to the staffing to accommodate all these incoming calls they were missing. This easy solution helped the practice convert about 30% more business the following month, just by making those changes in their staffing schedule.

By knowing the flow of inbound call frequency, the practice was able to make small changes in their administrative staffing and lunch breaks saving literally thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue.

“Being willing to withstand the skepticism and criticism of others while you reject their ‘industry norms’, ‘rules’, traditions and deeply held beliefs about what can and cannot be done in order to design your business as you see fit, to suit your preferences, is an underlying strength of all exceptionally successful and independent entrepreneurs.

Rather than listening to nay-sayers, find the unusual person or persons who have gone where you want to go by the unusual path, develop your plan based on those rare examples, then focus on the implementation, deaf to others’ doubts and immune to distractions.

*Dan Kennedy
“The Millionaire Maker”
*Author of 11 business books, recognized by INC. MAGAZINE ‘100 Best Business Books’ List, BUSINESS WEEK Magazine’s Bestseller List.

Total Census Solutions Benefits These Following Industries:

  • Dentist
  • Management and Coaching Groups
  • Orthodontist
  • Medical Facilities
  • Senior Living Market
  • And Many Many More…

Your Practice Will Be Effortlessly Transformed As Soon As You Activate Your TCS Tracking System And Turn On These Exciting Benefits:

When we decided to start using TCS it only took 2 weeks to have everything we needed because it was so easy. My business partner or I run the whole thing with very little time or maintenance.

We started with our first TCS tracking line immediate with our Yellow Pages. We now use only TCS phone numbers, we don’t even run our regular phone number from the phone company anymore because we get so much more from our tracking numbers.

With any good business, there is constant growth and training and TCS makes sure our phone skills are constantly up to our high standards. We monitor those on a consistent basis.

We like TCS because now we don’t have to rely on our hard working staff to track every referral source, the system does it for us automatically making our marketing dollars more effective.

Dr. Vesna Sutter
Sunrise Dental Care

  1. Multiply your profits by leveraging marketing that actually works
  2. Identify the actual words that drive your sales, appointments, conversation, etc. Hold advertising reps, copywriters, consultants and/or staff members accountable for results.
  3. Automatically build a database of targeted, qualified, leads
  4. Take a second marketing shot at prospects who didn’t make it all the way through your funnel and “reclaim” opportunities from advertising efforts
  5. Convert more patients, or customers from every marketing campaign you implement
  6. Retain “on the fence” clients and avoid losing them to your competition
  7. Discover what’s working, what’s not working, and how to make adjustments so mediocre marketing becomes exceptional marketing

Reason #7 If You Are Going To Be Competitive In This Market You Must Take Advantage Of The Cutting Edge “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System To Help Increase Your Bottom Line As Much As Possible.

In all of my years in business, I have not seen another product or service create the “buzz” of our Precision Tracking System.

It’s a “no-brainer”, and savvy business owners understand the critical importance of tracking calls…and now that there is inexpensive system to remedy their situation – It’s my job to keep up with the demand.

What’s more amazing is the cost of our product. We could charge triple the price and still be very busy, but I won’t do that.

Most business owners are astonished to find out how inexpensive this highly sophisticated system is and how easy it is to get complete coverage for their businesses.

We Develop Customized System to Fit Every Business Size and Scope That Can Grow With You

If you’re running a one-person practice, or a large corporation, I urge you to take this service seriously and make a wise decision for your business.

I cannot think of ANY business that could not benefit from our service.

If you’re looking to grow your practice and are looking for countless tips and suggestions that will save you thousands of dollars a month on potentially lost revenue – I recommend you put aside what you’re doing for just a few minutes and give my office a call at the number below.

I will be happy to set up a full demonstration for you. Once you see the power and ease of our “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System you will be up and running in no time.

It’s as easy as “set it and forget it.” There’s no complex installation process required. Everything is done behind the scenes. You won’t have to change your current phone company or invest in new telephone equipment.

Please do not put this off another second. You may, in fact, already be behind the eight-ball with an opportunity for me to get with you immediately.

I apologize for the urgent tone of my message, however, I am sure you will agree, with the price of our monthly services equal to the accumulative cost of a daily cup of coffee – The problem for most businesses is not the price…it’s more about the ability to get scheduled for an appointment.

Here’s my dilemma (and one I am glad to have).

I decided to attend an international marketing conference last month in Nashville, TN. More than 1,300 entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world attended this event.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a booth at the tradeshow and showcase our new “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking System.

To say it was a good idea would be a major understatement. Wow, was it a good idea, but now I’ve got my hands full!

People rushed our table and now the floodgates are open.

We are writing contracts at record pace.

I think the reason things went so well in Nashville is because the attendees were all self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs. They instantly recognized the value of our system.

Applications flew out of our booth like it was a wind storm.

It’s all good news and a problem any business owner would relish, but now the follow-up process is in full swing and I am a very busy guy.

Your ’30 Day FREE Test Drive’ Offer

I am so sure you will see the difference with our “Gold Key To Success” Call Tracking System when you stop LOSING $$$ EACH AND EVERY MONTH, I will give you this special offer completely FREE for 30 Days to prove it to you. But you need to take action today.

Click NOW For Your 30 Day FREE TRIAL!

I know what you are thinking. “Hey, Richard, yeah but:”

  • “I don’t have time to learn how to use another practice management system”. Well you don’t need time. We meet with you to determine your needs ( a very short, concise to the point meeting), make suggestions to get the most out of your customized system, and put you or the office manager through a fast start training so you can be up and operating immediately.
  • “I don’t know if my phone system or phone company can do this.” We handle all that on our end. You don’t need to change or update your phone service. There is no charge on your phone bill for your new TCS phone numbers. You just need a regular old phone on your end to answer. That simple.
  • “This sounds expensive”. Your customized system costs pennies a day. You probably spend more per day on your coffee fix than you will on this… the life blood of your practice.
  • “I already pay for secret shoppers and phone audits to listen to check my staff”. Phone training is great. But do they audit and listen to each and every phone call you get every day? Do you have instant access to those recordings? With our system, you will have access to each call that will not only be recorded, but the demographic information of the caller will be captured so you have a log turning every ‘tire kicker’ into a future lead. Audit calls don’t do that.
  • “I already have a 800 number and several secondary phone lines for my office.” With your customized “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking, you could have a separate 800 phone number or specific phone number for EACH of marketing pieces, yellow page ads, or Free Standing Inserts. We do all the work to divert these phone numbers to your existing phone lines so there is no extra work required by your staff. You just answer the phone.

With your report, you will know how each prospective new patient came to find out about your office from the EXACT ad WITHOUT someone having to interrogate the caller to find out that vital information in order to tract your marketing costs and new patient acquisition to the penny. When’s the last time you worked so little to get such precise results?

Here’s my promise to you…

I do not want to delay your set up. I urge you to contact my office at your earliest convenience so we can get you set up for a demonstration.

You have my 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as my risk free 30 Day test drive to try it out for yourself. Due to the popularity of this offer, I will have to limit it to the first 17 people. So…

Click NOW For Your 30 Day FREE TRIAL!

My toll free number is 800-647-1909.

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Richard Seppala

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