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About Richard

For over a decade, TCS President Richard Seppala has worked in the long term care arena as V.P. of sales and Marketing for top providers. During this time, He has developed unique and creative marketing programs consistently exceeding census goals and financial satisfaction.

As a result of his marketing and sales success, Richard has most recently formed Total Census Solutions. A company helping others benefit from his innovative marketing techniques and the newest technologies that have just hit the long term care market.

Grounded by years of direct sales and marketing experience, Richard brings significant value to organizations with creative insight, proven strategies and practical sales and marketing tool that generate results. These tools have generated thousands of inbound calls and qualified leads for multiple providers in multiple disciplines.

Richard has trained thousands of sales and marketing professionals from all the country, to help them sell more effectively, generate more referrals and successfully convert callers to customers.

All this, combined with an appreciation for quality resident care, customer satisfaction and compassion, Richard Seppala sales and marketing innovations are like no other.

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