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Clients Speak

Season 1 Apprentice Winner and Donald Trump’s Advisor Bill Rancic

The ROI Guy is exactly what EVERY business needs. No one, and I mean no one, does a better job of helping you track your ROI and find the results that actually matter to your business. In any economy, particularly in an economy like the one we are experiencing now, where every dollar spent counts, we need to make sure we are putting our dollars towards the greatest ROI for our business. The ROI Guy helps us do that. I use the ROI Guy to track my marketing campaigns, and you should too.

Nick Nanton, Esq., The Celebrity Lawyer

Richard Seppala and Total Census Solution has found a easy-for-me-to-use fix, for my most difficult productivity problem—to make sure my marketing is working…and working well.

FOR YEARS, I tried different things to find out what my true ROI was on all marketing. I trained, begged, and incentivized my staff to find out where our new patients were coming from. And at the end of the each and every month, only two sources came up “word of mouth and yellow pages.” I knew this wasn’t true because I knew I was marketing in different areas and I could see the increase in patient numbers, I just didn’t know from where.

And in defense of my staff, it wasn’t their fault. They would ask the patient and those were the answers they got. We would try to play detective and dig deeper for the true source but that was just crazy most of the time and didn’t give any better information.

But once we implemented Richard’s done for me system, it became a no brainer. Richard and TCS did all the work. We didn’t need huge internal tracking sheets or specialized equipment. We just answered the phone when it rang. And we weren’t relying on the inaccurate information from the patients anymore. We made marketing tracking 100% scientific and took the human error factor totally out. Richard provided everything we needed.

One of best features is the phone recording. We had hired a phone trainer who also did a random secret shopper calls once a month. I thought that was enough. But I found out, each and every call needs to be monitored and tracked. The once-a-month audit was too infrequent and the staff began to recognize when they were being audited and turned on the charm for that one call. It wasn’t a true representation. We found what is monitored improves, and now I am able to get my money’s worth out of my phone training investment. The team knows all their calls are being recorded so they need to step up their game.

We can use the recordings as needed for retraining because we have them right there. It makes us better.

I highly recommend Richard Seppala and Total Census Solutions. I urge anyone who is serious about customer service and getting your money’s worth out of your team and your marketing, you need to call him immediately.

Ginger Bratzel DDS
Small Town Dentist Success Systems

We have been using Total Census Solutions now for almost a year and have found it to be a very useful tool to help manage our marketing,evaluate, and control our marketing ventures. We have asssigned different tracking phone numbers to different campaigns and can tell exactly how many calls we are receiving from every single marketing piece and do not have to depend on the staff to record the proper refferal source. Just the other day we had to decide if we were going to rerun our yellow pages for next year. We ran the report to see the number of calls we received over the past year and then checked with the amount of patients that scheduled and the amount of production we did. This proved to make our decision so much easier and more important the proper decision for our practice.

In addition to providing an awesome tool for evaluating marketing Total Census Solutions has also provided us with a great tool for evaluating the way our phone is being answered and using the recordings as a tool to help train the front desk staff on the proper way to handle the calls.

Total Census has proven to be a very important and valuable business tool and we would not think of ever not using it.

Dr. Vesna Sutter

Total Census Solution allows us to track leads without factoring human error and interpretation making it accurate. Our main focus initially was with our direct mail campaigns.

Also through the tracking we found out that our website, which from our old system told us was not a significant referral source, was contribution to 30% of our calls.

Another important part we found was our sales staff is performing better now just knowing they are being constantly monitored. We use those recorded calls to refine our conversations and it’s an ongoing tool for management.

And the most amazing part is we haven’t even touched the surface of the capabilities of the data Total Census provides up from their reports.
I think it is a good value for the money and I would expect to pay much more because on the quality of the system and their customer service.

Bob Werdan
V.P. of Sales and Marketing

If I could use one word to describe Total Census Solution it would be TREMENDOUS!

We started using Richard and TCS only 8 months ago and I saw the results right away. We started out using it to track direct mail pieces to just test the verbiage.
When say how valuable it was we started assigned different tracking numbers to particular areas to measure their response. We got so much data from TCS with the demographic breakdown that we are able to prequalify prospect just from that initial call and improve our marketing results.
There were these calls coming in and we got more data that we even knew what to do with all by the magic of TCS.

Before, we were relying on our sales team to ask the caller where they heard about us and their interpretation.

Now with TCS, the sales team was left to talk to the prospect and we got the exact place they were calling off without any extra work.

We introduced it blindly to the sales team to see how our sales call training was going. With the built in monitoring we know exactly what is being said. Also we have both sides of the conversation which was missing if you have just a manager in a sales room listening in on the staff. This way we are able to gently push the sales team in the right direction and get the most out of our training investment.

From the call logs, we found out we were missing many calls on the weekend or when the front desk receptionist was getting swamped. From that analysis we were able to set up a dedicated direct line that went right to our marketing associates so no one is being put on hold or being transferred when they call. It also keeps on receptionist stress free.

The results so far clearly speak for themselves. In 2006, we mailed out over 240,000 direct mail pieces that resulted in 32 tours and 16 move-ins. In February to May of this year with TCS, we only mailed out 3000 postcards and we had so many calls we were running 4 tours a day, 4 times a week. We had 321 responses from prequalified prospects based on the data we got from Total Census.

There is no way we could have done that before. Richard and his team have been very responsive and this whole system is “slick as can be.” If I need something it gets done effortlessly.

I highly recommend anyone to invest in Total Census.

John Scott Williams
VP of Marketing

Richard and TCS are great. They are so easy to work with.

They worked with us to develop a custom system to serve our needs. I use about 7 different phone lines to rotate with all my marketing pieces. When someone calls in, we know right away which ad they called off of before we even answer the phone so we are prepared.

I used to put our office phone number, our website, and a toll free phone number for a recorded message on all our pieces. I mistakenly believed those ads weren’t working because no one requested the free reports and almost stopped using them. Come to find out with Richard’s system, our ads were very successful and the prospects where just calling the office directly and not identifying that ad as the referral source. So there was this ad that I thought was a dud ended up being a high ROI generator. I would never have known that if it wasn’t for Richard and Total Census Solutions.

We very easily and quickly are able to now identify the marketing source, how it works, what common questions we keep getting off of that particular ad because we have the recordings, and then we can generate specific responses and have them ready to answer the prospects questions in no time.

If we miss a phone call we have their name and phone number along with how they came to find us even with the office is closed. How cool is that?

It has turned my marketing department from ‘gut reaction’ to ‘scientific marketing’ because I know exactly what I spend to get a client and there is no guess work involved. If I know in a week’s time to the penny what ROI I am getting from an ad, then I can tweak it and be more proactive with what I spend to get the next client because I know what I am going to get out of them.

I can test ads with different tracking phone numbers at the same time to see which ones pulls and which ones don’t. I am doing that with two different niches in the very same Yellow Pages right now.

Richard has made the whole system so easy to use that we were up and running in no time so when can be production.

I have looked at the ‘so-called competition’ and no one delivers like TCS. Just a great service and I can’t say enough nice things about it.

Dr. Keith Kelley – Troy, Michigan

TCS is a tiny investment with great rewards.

We easily spend almost $60K for a 6 week campaign and we want to make sure that investment is getting optimal results. We can increase our numbers just from capturing any missed call. We found through the recordings that if someone didn’t get a live person at any point, they would just hang up. They wouldn’t leave a voice mail even if we said we would call them right back. With the tracking, we have a record of those calls and we can call them. The prospects really like that and that has helped our conversions.

We didn’t intend on using the recorded calls options when we started but he found out quickly that was a great training opportunity. We can listen to the calls and finds great staff to use as samples for other who might need more training. They could charge much more and it would still be cheap. If anyone is spending money on marketing, you have to have TCS there making sure you get the most out of your money.

I am hesitant to recommend them to anyone. It is not because they don’t give good service because they are great. It isn’t because they don’t offer an awesome service. I don’t want to recommend them to others because I want to keep them to myself. They have given us such an advantage over the competition; I would love to keep TCS as my own little secret weapon. TCS is so great; we can’t imagine marketing without them now in the future.

Ames Bunkhouse
Director of Sales and Marketing
Carlton Senior Living

We were able to get starting using Total Census right away. The system is easy to understand and the turnaround time was quick.

We use it to monitor the return on investment of our ads. When it comes time to decide to do an ad again, we look at the results and decide. IF we ran an ad campaign in the newspaper and got one call and no sales, well, we probably won’t do that again and we can use our advertising dollar in a more effective area. We didn’t know that before TCS.

Kyle Taylor – V.P. of Marketing
Retirement Lining Group

We started using TCS’s system 4 months ago. It was really easy to use right from the start. Our intended purpose of getting it was to monitor marketing campaigns and track ROI on them. We were testing designs and call to actions and needed a way of monitoring multiple campaigns all in the same area going to our central call area.

We found the ability to listen to the actual call of our sales force was priceless. We could see how effective our training was, who needed more training and help, and had some shocking moments on what was said to prospects when they called in sometimes.

The benefits of finding out exactly what ads worked well. We were also surprised to find out in certain areas where the campaigns were mailed that they had a higher response than others from our phone tracking. So we can give that information to our regional managers and they can follow up with targeted marketing to those areas.

Through all the options that Total Census Solutions offered us, we got data easily that we never collected before and found that it was very beneficial to have to make our marketing more effective. Before Total Census we were relying on staff to collect the information of what ad source got the prospect to call. That information was not being done or incorrectly recorded. Now our sales team is freed up to work on converting prospects to move-ins instead of monitoring and recording how they found out about us.

We have had easily a 30% increase from the tracking to secure more appointments and increase our conversion.

Nicole Ward
Marketing Coordinator

Using Total Census Solutions to record our phone calls and track our marketing efforts has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for the practice.

The ability to track where are calls are coming from and actually listen to how the calls are being answered has proved to be invaluable. Every day, I can see which of our marketing efforts are performing, as well as hear how we are responding to the incoming calls. It has given me the ability to troubleshoot and fix problems immediately and know where we should be spending our money and where we shouldn’t

We use the recorded calls for ongoing training with the front desk staff, and the improvement I hear on our phones is amazing! Thank You TCS!!!

Dana Monson
Glenview Dental Excellence

TCS service is great and we love it. Richard’s service is wonderful. If we need more numbers is fast it often gets done before we even hang up the phone. The reports are quick and allow us instant feedback on our marketing success and our phone skills.

This whole process is for us to get better and that’s what TCS lets us achieve. We listen to the actual recorded calls, critique them together and get better at converting patients.

We are now able to monitor all our marketing on a daily basis so we know what is working and what’s not right away. We even are able to monitor missed calls when the office is closed and to see what marketing piece they came from. Tracking is key with Richard’s system.

It was so simple to use that we didn’t need to go through some elaborate training to get started. That’s why it works so well for us. If it isn’t easy to use, we get the full potential out of any system. We catch the referral stats immediately and are able to do many marketing pieces at the same time and not get our data confused.

We use it with toll free phone numbers, local phone numbers and also in the phone book so we know exactly where each person found out about us. Even when we asked a patient where they found out about us before, that wasn’t always correct. They would say that they drove by the office and saw us before. Now when they call in, even when they said it was our location, we find out from the tracking it was actually from one particular ad with its custom TCS phone number.

We had some marketing pieces that we were using before TCS that we thought didn’t work. Once we started using TCS to track the ad, we found out the marketing pieces were fine because we got patients calling in off of it, but we were dropping the ball on our phone skills to get them converted over as patients. The whole system takes it full circle and makes our marketing more cost efficient as well as allow us to be more effective at converting those phone leads.

Mickey of Dr. Scott Schuman’s Office
Grove City, Ohio

“Hi Richard…Thank you! Since we have added your tracking lines to our marketing – we know instantly what the results are from each campaign that we run!

I also love the fact that we can see when all of our calls are coming in, and monitor how they are being handled. Making sure that we don’t let any prospective patients slip through the cracks!”

Dr Kevin Boom
Practice Owner

He’s so amazing. He has all the answers to challenging business ideas. Radio and newspaper are calling the “The Holy Grail of Marketing”. He is…. “The Einstein of Creative Sales” – The “Human Lightening Rod of Innovative Marketing”, “The Vince Lombardi of Creative Business Ideas.”

Linda Haines DePalma
All Media Network

How has Total Census Solutions helped us? It makes the telephone response and record keeping for all those who respond to the advertisements really easy, efficient and allows us to concentrate on the mailings and ultimately on patient care.

It is an automatic, simple to use, not very expensive and highly productive way to handle the contact aspect of two phase marketing and I would highly recommend Total Census Solutions to anyone who believes in external promotion.

William L. Hoch, DMD,MBA,MAGD
300 South Walnut Lane
Beaver, PA 15009
724-774-1970 (FAX)


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