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Why You CAN Afford ROI Measurement

I’m sure you know lots of business people who are telling you what they CAN’T afford to keep selling in this recession.  So they still spend money on marketing and advertising – to try and keep revenues flowing in.

I’m also sure you hear those same business people saying they CAN’T afford to waste any money on additional services in these kinds of times.  You’re probably one of them.  Every penny has to count and you have to make sure it does.

If you’re looking at ROI Measurement as part of those “extras” you CAN’T afford, I’d ask you to try a different viewpoint.  As I wrote in my recent article, “Riding out the Recession with ROI Measurement,” ROI actually saves you money by enabling you to target your marketing dollars in the most effective way.

ROI Measurement also helps you optimize fixed costs, such as the salary of your receptionist or sales personnel who take customer calls.  Often, that person is your most effective sales tool, because the crucial one-on-one communication, if handled correctly, can close the most sales – or at least get a prospect in the door.

On the other hand, if you don’t measure your ROI by tracking your marketing expenditures or analyzing incoming sales phone calls, you could literally be throwing money away just when you need to maximize spending effectiveness the most. 

What’s the point of advertising when you have no idea if you’re reaching the right target group – or if your ad concept is having the right impact on your intended audience?  And what’s the point of driving prospects to call, when your customer service doesn’t positively represent your product or service to the caller?

I’ve developed systems to not only measure how well your sales operation is reaching potential customers, but also how to improve your sales results based on our ROI analysis.   That means you can spend smarter and boost revenues at the same time.

I’m Richard Seppala, Your ROI Guy.  Visit me at http://yourroiguy.com to find out more about how ROI research can be critical to your business.

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