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Call Critique & Improvement

Have you ever wondered what kind of service people receive when they inquire to learn more about your communities? Why wonder when you can know for sure?

99% of those clients we have shopped have been very surprised to find that the level of service they envision for their company does not match the service that is being provided.

Where performance is measured performance can be improved.

Perhaps I am wrong & your team is different. I hope you are right! Either way, why should we guess when we can know by looking at the evidence?

Take a moment now to complete some basic information so we can randomly mystery shop three of your communities. We will record each shop & send you a written evaluation with suggested areas of improvement (At no charge to you; a $225 value). Using shops will give you a snapshot of what kind of service your communities are providing. Total Census Solution’s Call Tracking System will allow you to listen to real time calls with real prospects calling in their time of need. As I always say, “It’s a game of inches.” Let’s start with a small step; three shops & build to the bigger ones; Total Census Solutions tracking all calls.

To have three mystery shops completed on your communities this week, complete the info below & hit submit!

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