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Call Tracking

Know Your ROI on Your Advertising Campaigns in Real Time

How is your advertising campaign going? I’m not looking for a response of “good” or “bad.” I want to know your numbers – after all, businesses strive or die by numbers, including their return on investment (ROI). If you don’t know your ROI for each of your marketing campaigns, you are basically making decisions completely in the dark.

As the ROI GUY, I understand the significance of not only knowing your ROI, but also using this imperative information to boost your business and raise your bottom line. My call tracking system is going to take the guesswork out of marketing and allow you to make qualified decisions to help your business grow. The good news is that my system is easy to use and provides the following tremendous benefits:

  • Measurements of the success of your media buys
  • Comparisons between your ad campaigns
  • Accurate information regarding your ROI and other ratios
  • Training tools for your staff

How the Call Tracking System Works

When you sign up for this valuable program, you will be provided with a unique toll-free number or local telephone number that will be used in the advertising campaigns you wish to track. Your existing phone line will not be impacted and you do not need to purchase special equipment, as you can point the dedicated number to your main office, marketing department or even your cell phone.

As soon as a prospect dials your number, crucial information will be captured, such as the time and date of the call, the caller’s name, address and telephone number, and the duration of the call. You will also be able to find out if the call was answered or dropped or if the line was busy. Even the information relating to unanswered calls will be documented.

With my online call tracking system, you will have access to real-time, Web-based reporting, so that you immediately know the effectiveness of each and every ad. You will be able to identify which ads are working and which are not, the quality of leads and the cost per lead, allowing you to better allocate your precious marketing dollars.

Data & Reporting

What if you discovered that most of your prospects are calling after 6 PM during weekdays or on Saturday mornings? Would you revise your staff’s hours? Through the call tracking system, you will be provided with data on your peak call times, the ratio of answered calls to missed calls and your call traffic patterns. You can then make staffing decisions based on this crucial data.

The call data that is collected can easily be downloaded into an Excel or CSV file or directly into your marketing software, giving you the opportunity to build a mailing list of potential customers.

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