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Keith Kelley

Richard and TCS are great. They are so easy to work with.

They worked with us to develop a custom system to serve our needs. I use about 7 different phone lines to rotate with all my marketing pieces. When someone calls in, we know right away which ad they called off of before we even answer the phone so we are prepared.

I used to put our office phone number, our website, and a toll free phone number for a recorded message on all our pieces. I mistakenly believed those ads weren’t working because no one requested the free reports and almost stopped using them. Come to find out with Richard’s system, our ads were very successful and the prospects where just calling the office directly and not identifying that ad as the referral source. So there was this ad that I thought was a dud ended up being a high ROI generator. I would never have known that if it wasn’t for Richard and Total Census Solutions.

We very easily and quickly are able to now identify the marketing source, how it works, what common questions we keep getting off of that particular ad because we have the recordings, and then we can generate specific responses and have them ready to answer the prospects questions in no time.

If we miss a phone call we have their name and phone number along with how they came to find us even with the office is closed. How cool is that?

It has turned my marketing department from ‘gut reaction’ to ‘scientific marketing’ because I know exactly what I spend to get a client and there is no guess work involved. If I know in a week’s time to the penny what ROI I am getting from an ad, then I can tweak it and be more proactive with what I spend to get the next client because I know what I am going to get out of them.

I can test ads with different tracking phone numbers at the same time to see which ones pulls and which ones don’t. I am doing that with two different niches in the very same Yellow Pages right now.

Richard has made the whole system so easy to use that we were up and running in no time so when can be production.

I have looked at the ‘so-called competition’ and no one delivers like TCS. Just a great service and I can’t say enough nice things about it.

Dr. Keith Kelley – Troy, Michigan


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