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Dynamic Tracking

Track Your Offline Leads Generated from Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

Most business owners have recognized the relevance of online marketing and have jumped into pay-per-click advertising and organic search campaigns to attract customers. If you are one of these business owners, you probably realized early on that while it is fairly simple to track your online traffic from these ads, it is a lot more difficult tracking phone calls. Well, I have a solution for you!

I have created a highly effective program that incorporates dynamic number rewrite technology, which allows you to change the telephone number on your website or landing page, depending on where the online visitor is coming from.

How Dynamic Tracking Works

If you have been using Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic that means you have a special JavaScript on your site. When you sign up for my dynamic tracking system, you would be provided with a similar JavaScript that will help you track how your pay-per-click campaigns through Google, Yahoo and MSN are converting into phone calls.

Here is an example of the dynamic number rewrite technology:

The dynamic tracking system gives you the opportunity to track every keyword and unique visitor to your website. You won’t have to wonder if your Internet marketing efforts are paying off. This system will give you the information you need to succeed online!


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