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Infusionsoft Bridge

Automatically Capture Quality Leads with the ROI Bridge

As a business owner, who has invested a great deal of time and money into generating leads, you cannot afford to lose a sale or a potential long-term customer.  If you are not capturing your prospects’ information in a timely manner and uploading the data into your marketing software, you are not maximizing your advertising dollars.  In fact, money is basically slipping through your fingers.

The ROI Bridge is your answer to achieving higher revenue, a higher client conversion rate and more efficient targeted marketing.  It is a front-end component that is integrated with Infusionsoft Automation Software that will capture quality leads, so that you can start marketing to this group in your next campaign.  Since everything is done automatically, your marketing efforts will continue seamlessly, while you are able to focus on running your business.

How the ROI Bridge Works

When you sign up for the ROI Bridge, your package includes Lead Generation Hotlines.  You will receive several unique toll-free numbers that you can allocate as you see necessary.  These numbers have two purposes – to feed into the ROI Bridge and to help track your marketing campaigns.  You would use a different number for each campaign, giving you the ability to see which ones are producing the most leads.

Research has shown that a toll-free number is a better way to attract quality leads than an opt-in box on your website.  People are hesitant about clicking on opt-in boxes, because of the fear that they will start receiving spam.  Having a toll-free number makes it easy for people to grab their cell phones and call you when they see your ad, versus waiting until they have Internet access.

When a call comes in from one of your marketing campaigns, it is answered by a custom pre-recorded message, giving leads the option for a “Call to Action.” During the call, the leads are tracked, recorded and transcribed.  This data is automatically uploaded to Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Software and a detailed marketing ROI report is created.

You don’t have to wait long to see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.  Your ROI GUY Web page will show you which of your ads are bringing in the highest number of contacts.  Plus, these leads will be automatically captured, tagged and ready for your follow-up marketing.

If you are ready to blow away your competitors using the ROI Bridge, contact me today!


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