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Recession Proof your Business!

Frustrated With Your Efforts To Improve Business? Don’t Spend Another Dime On Your Marketing Until You Read This…

“Here’s How To Recession-Proof Your Business With A Truly Zero-Effort System That Cuts Your Marketing Costs In Half, While Increasing Results And Cash”

Do you want a quick and easy way to slash your expenses but need to increase your flow of customers and clients? You can do it with the push of a button in just a few moments…

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you do any sort of marketing or advertising, you are spending way too much while unknowingly turning away potential customers.

(Depending on what types of marketing you do, you could decrease your spending by as much as 52% and still get an additional 60% boost in business.)

How do I know?

My name is Richard Seppala and I am the President of Total Census Solutions. I track marketing results for businesses of all shapes and sizes in different industries (including some of the top marketers in the country) so it is my job to know.

I get to see the differences between the ordinary business and extra-ordinary business every day…how one struggles to get by while the other thrives even during this “recession”

I’ll also let you in on a secret – most businesses will get to within 97% of achieving stellar success and give up. Stated differently, there is only a 3% difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that lose their shirts completely or just barely plod along.

That’s just 3%!

But that 3% makes ALL of the difference because it allows YOU to:

  • Squeeze more profit out of every marketing effort…you’ll be amazed how much money you are leaving on the table every time you run an ad, send out a marketing piece or do a promotion (don’t be too hard on yourself, most businesses are making this same mistake)
  • Effortlessly build your “herd” or list of qualified prospects for a predictable flow of new business that you can tap at will!
  • Trim the fat from your advertising…experts agree that more than half of all advertising is a total waste and now you’ll discover how they know which half that is so you can put that money back in your pocket
  • Experience an immediate increase in response as prospects almost magically “materialize” from out of the blue…they were there all along but you just couldn’t see them
  • Discover the small adjustments to your marketing that generate BIG returns on the same investment you are already making…this is a secret the pros don’t want you to know because you’ll find out they seldom hit homeruns the first time at bat (this is how they tweak and turn okay marketing into exceptional marketing)
  • Confidently deal with any ad rep, copywriter, or consultant with your own “truth detector” to separate what claims have merit and which owns are pure BS (Bonus: if you have staff, it keeps them honest, too!)
  • Prevent interested prospects from going to your competition!
  • Apply these benefits to your business’ customer service function and watch satisfaction and loyalty go through the roof
  • And there’s more…much more you can get because I’ve only shared the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible so far.

Now, before I continue…

I know what I am saying seems “too good to be true” and I don’t blame you for coming up with a healthy dose of skepticism but stick with me just a few moments longer and you’ll be able to see for yourself and make up your own mind, okay?


So, let’s step back a moment and answer a very important question (I’ll use a football metaphor for illustration purposes):

Why would a business struggle to make it to the 97 yard line and then just throw their hands up and walk off the field? Who would do such a thing?

I’ll tell you who and I’ll tell you why.

Most businesses would (and do) because they never realized “where” they were.

You see, they could have been inches from the goal line with a pot of gold waiting for them in the end zone and they’d still walk away if they didn’t know where they were (or which direction they needed to move in and for what distance).

Think about that.

The problem was never their skill, abilities or even their decision making (they did, after all, make it to the 97 yard line)…no, the problem was they had no way of measuring forward progress in a way that was useful. I use those words deliberately as many companies know their sales numbers and have goals but that information is not useful for forward progress.

Okay, so here’s the million dollar question – what if you could just flip a switch and instantly see where you are in all of your marketing in such a way that you could immediately make forward progress?

How valuable would that be?

Don’t answer just yet….what if I told you that all it would take is a quick glance and you’d immediately see which marketing promotions aren’t working and should be stopped and which ones are working and what tweaks make them even better?

How valuable would THAT be?

But hold on…because what if I told you that most of the ways businesses measure response rates are absolutely wrong and that they are missing out on as much as 60% of the response?

That’s more than half of the response! So, you could double your ROI just by capturing these leads that virtually every business misses out on.

How VALUABLE would that be?

Now before you answer, let me just recap what I have said so far:

What would it be worth to YOU if you could:

· eliminate the expense of any marketing that wasn’t generating a profitable response

· know what tweaks increase the results you get from campaigns that work

· salvage prospects that are even now getting lost in the system

What would you say?

Oh, I almost forgot…what if there was nothing to learn, no expensive equipment to buy or anything to manage, no software to install and no added work of any kind?

How valuable is it now?

I know what you must be thinking –

“This is not possible because the number I have in mind is ridiculous”

Surely, there must be some catch…there must be some work somewhere and/or this must cost an arm and a leg, right?

Well, in order to answer that you need to know what “IT” is and how it works. So, let’s get to it…

I already told you that I track the marketing results for different businesses and several marketing gurus because proper tracking is the real secret to astonishing marketing results. Well, I am not for hire, sorry.

But the reality is that you don’t need me. You can use exactly the same technology I use for all of my clients because it is so easy and does all the work for you. All you do is take a look at your digital dashboard to see what is generating your results down to each individual response.

So, IT is the Total Census Solutions Precision Tracking System. The way it works is actually quite simple – every marketing promotion (website, direct mail, advertising etc.) needs to be coded somehow so it can be tracked.

Fortunately, there is something that is already in every promo that serves that purpose nicely, the phone number used for a response! If you need to track multiple sources you’ll need other numbers but don’t worry about that as TCS can generate those for you (five are included with your activation just in case).

Once someone responds, the call is routed through our server so the caller’s information (name, address, phone, etc.) is captured as the call gets passed on to the intended destination. That complete information can be viewed “as is” or downloaded directly into your contact management system.

If this sounds ridiculously simple, it’s because IT IS!

Now, there are many more features that I could talk about but I think I have given you enough to chew on. If you want to know about every feature you’ll want to join us on our webinar or contact us to schedule a demo with a full walk through.

Back to the matter at hand.

So, is there work involved? Yes, for us. All you need to do is activate your account.

And the cost? Yes, there’s an investment but it is certainly not an arm and a leg…in fact, it is less than price of a cup of coffee (one that you’d actually drink but nothing as crazy as Starbuck’s) per day.

However even though it is only $49 a month, most people consider it to be cheaper than free when they figure out the immediate savings by eliminating the waste marketing.

There is just one catch…

You can’t give me any money until

you have taken a 30 day test drive!

Here’s the deal. We are in the world of direct response marketing and we should demand that our marketing produce results. If it can’t pay for itself, why use it?

And if I am going to preach that attitude, my system should be held to the same standards…actually higher.

So, rather than ask you to invest up front and offer you a “money back” guarantee…I am going to let you use it for FREE so you can see and experience the benefits for yourself.

It must provide you with Marketing Intelligence that you just can’t get any other way…measurements and metrics that enable forward progress!

If not, I don’t want you to pay me. I can’t be any more fair than that.

Okay, now all you have to do is to click on the “Activate My Tracking System” button below to get started:

What? Are you still here?

I guess I wasn’t as clear as I should have been…every moment you are not using the TCS tracking system is costing you money (you are losing prospects, cash and paying for some portion of you marketing that is not producing).

And since we won’t charge your card for a full 30 days so you can put the system through its paces, you have absolutely nothing to lose!


Richard Seppala

PS If you are spending any money what so ever on marketing it would be foolish not to at least take advantage of the 30 day test drive if only to see what you can cut to save money.

PPS I’d be here all day if I covered every feature of the system but I wanted to mention its ability to record calls which clients tell me is invaluable for quality control and for staff training purposes.

PPSS Remember, the system will pay for itself many times over in terms of savings and in the new business you’ll get because of it. Heck, just one additional client or sale should more than cover the paltry monthly investment.


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