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List Of Services:

  1. Online Call Tracking
  2. How Does it Work?
  3. Traffic Analysis and Trending Data
  4. List Builder
  5. Advance Caller Notification

Online Call Tracking

Total Census Solutions call-tracking services help you make informed decisions that improve your advertising ROI and generate more qualified leads. National toll-free numbers allow you to track every call and know its lead source, plus capture critical information about each caller for immediate follow up and future marketing outreach.

TCS call tracking gives you the ability to:

  • Measure each of your media buys and compare their performance
  • Calculate ratios such as ROI and cost per lead
  • Collect critical business intelligence such as caller’s names and addresses
  • Record each phone call for training purposes

Track every phone lead and close more sales
TCS provides you with individual national toll-free or local telephone numbers to insert into each ad or marketing campaign you want to track. Calls to these numbers are then routed to your business phone using our reliable, carrier-grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

Get More from Your Marketing
TCS helps you take the guess work out of your marketing. Our real-time, Web-based reporting allows you to measure the impact of each ad and allocate marketing dollars where they’ll generate the most leads.

Capture More Inbound Leads
From the moment the phone number is dialed, our tracking technology captures important information about each call. This data is captured even if your line is busy or you’re not there to answer the phone. With TCS call tracking, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity!

Close More Sales
Accelerate the sales process and improve your team’s ability to convert calls into sales with TCS call tracking. Our CallReview feature allows you to digitally record every inbound call for coaching and training purposes. Replay conversations to pinpoint weak sales techniques and better target employee training. Monitor calls to recapture mishandled leads and increase conversion ratios. With TCS call tracking, you have the insight you need into how calls are being handled; and you team has the feedback they need to improve their performance.

How Does it Work?

TCS records and reports call details, conversion rates and ROI for each media, campaign, and marketing – providing the most accurate tracking available.

All of this takes place automatically ‘behind the scenes’. Your customers just make their calls as usual; you answer as usual.

It couldn’t be easier! Your advertising and Marketing includes phone numbers…
TCS provides you with national toll-free or local numbers that you can insert into every advertising campaign you wish to track. Calls can ring to any number you choose, main office, marketing office or even a cell phone, and you don’t need to change your existing phone numbers, telephone service or buy any additional equipment.

…the customer dials one of these phone numbers…
When a customer dials one of these phone numbers, our technology automatically sends the call to your designated termination point: for example, your office or cell phone. This happens instantly. The customer just dials a phone number as usual, and you receive the where we pinpoint the ad source, time and date of call, caller’s name, address, telephone number plus the duration of the call and the call results (answered, busy, dropped call, etc.). TCS reporting tool also captures all unanswered calls so you can respond to and recapture any and all potential leads.

…you, or your sales staff, answer the phone call…
TCS digitally records all incoming calls and stores them for up to 30 days, you also receive up to 30 calls of permanent archived digital recordings. Call recordings are a powerful tool for sales and staff training. All recordings can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive or you can email the recording to use as training and coaching.

You are provided 24/7 access to our call reporting and analysis software through a secure online website. TCS Reports offers a concise view of which advertisements and provides the optimum return on investment, what marketing messages are most effective and which peak call times require additional staff to handle the phones. TCS provides you with real-time vital statistics to determine the reach of your marketing, the ROI of your advertising and how callers are being converted to customers.

Traffic Analysis and Trending Data

Plan staffing based on real data from your inbound call database. Daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots allow you to spot trends including:

  • Call connection ratios (answered vs missed calls)
  • Calls-per-day and traffic patters by location
  • Peak calls by hour, peak calls by day of the week

Call Pipeline Reporting

Capitalize on leads with daily call detail summaries which include:

  • How many inbound calls received
  • Detailed caller information, including demographic data
  • Connection results (connected, busy, ring-no-answer, abandoned)
  • Which prospects are repeat callers

You can also listen to call recordings to learn how individual calls are being handled by your staff and status on call follow-up.

Advertising ROI Analysis

Take the guess work out of media buys. With TCS at-a-glance reports you know the exact return your getting on each of your ad sources including:

  • Which ads generate the most leads
  • Cost per lead results
  • Lead quality (as measured by call duration)

TCS reports are available 24×7 through a secure Web login, via FTP downloads, or by email.

List Builder

Build mailng lists from the consumers that call. Download your list to an excel or CSV file and import it to your customer relationship management software. You can also print your list directly to mailing labels for a cost effective, highly targeting marketing list. Enabling immediate follow-up of all captured and missed.

Advance Caller Notification

TCS provides a “whisper” greeting that announces the lead source to the call-handler before he or she is connected to the customer. This feature is especially beneficial when testing special offers in specific geographic markets.

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