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ROI Matrix Sales Gurus

Can you imagine a more powerful team-up than "The ROI Guy" with "The ROI Sales Gurus?"

Yes, Richard Seppala's "ROI Matrix" is an incredible hi-tech marketing system that allows you to track all prospects from initial contact to actual purchase. The question, however, is - how do you convert them into paying patients?

That's where we come in - with the perfect add-on that empowers the staff of your practice to market the most effectively to prospects, as well as upsell existing patients. We guarantee - that's right, guarantee - that you will boost your sales conversions by 20% when you use our "ROI Sales Gurus " Conversion Package.

How can we make that guarantee? We've both been Vice Presidents with Fortune 500 companies - and specialize in bringing "big company thinking" to small and medium-sized businesses. And, as certified master practioners and coaches of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), we know the sales secrets that make any company successful.

About The ROI Sales Gurus:

Matthew Linklater and Denise Wayman are former Vice Presidents of three fortune 100 companies and are accomplished motivational speakers and life-changers. They are authors of 3 books, Quick Witted - Saying The Right Thing to Win Big, Basic Training - Sales Boot Camp, and Counter Attack with legendary Brian Tracy. These ROI Sales Gurus combine extensive business experience with expertise as certified master practitioners, trainers and coaches of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in conjunction with Time Line Therapy™ to help you exceed your sales goals!

They take the methods used by fortune 100 companies combined with their expertise in sales and to the small and medium-sized businesses for ultimate ROI.

Top Ten Reasons to Increase Sales with the ROI Sales Gurus:

  1. Stop "shoulding" on yourself with the things you should have said
  2. Work smarter not harder
  3. Turn prospects into clients
  4. Bump your closing ratio by 20% or more!
  5. Win Big: say what the client wants to hear
  6. Increase company reputation
  7. Know how to counter attack objections
  8. Make the client experience more enjoyable
  9. Turn up revenue
  10. Of Course: Increase your ROI
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